Many Nigerians turn to selling goods from their cars as economy bites hard

According to a recent research study, one striking trend that has emerged amidst this economic turmoil is transforming personal cars into mobile businesses.

With their car doors and trunks wide open by the side of busy roads, eager sellers display a colorful array of goods in different parts of the country.

The survey noted that those affected by job cuts have had to explore alternative means of income generation, and one pragmatic solution has been to repurpose their personal vehicles. This shift has allowed them to tackle multiple issues simultaneously.

According to the study, by transforming their cars into mobile businesses, Nigerians can offset fuel expenses and prevent their vehicles from accumulating rust while sitting idle.

Secondly, the exorbitant cost of renting shops has made it increasingly difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to cope in these times.

Hence, turning personal cars into mobile stores eliminates the need for a physical store, saving on rental costs and providing a more flexible business approach.

The study also found that former corporate workers now use their cars to sell an array of products like shoes, clothes, kitchen utensils, and more from the convenience of their cars.

Similarly, many others have ventured into the ride-hailing industry, using their private vehicles to provide transportation services.

The study concluded that this trend isn’t limited to those who’ve faced job losses, as those who once operated traditional stores are transitioning to mobile businesses due to the unbearable rise in rental costs.

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