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Is the Mexican alien corpse a cake and are the bodies real or fake as video goes viral

The Mexican Alien Corpse Cake video has gone viral on the internet

Find out more about it.

In an unprecedented event on September 12, Mexico’s Congress was thrust into the spotlight as two purported ‘alien corpses’ were showcased during a public hearing. The event, which was even live-streamed, came after the showing of videos showcasing “UFOs and unidentified phenomena.”

Is the Mexican alien corpse a cake and are the bodies real or fake as video goes viral on Twitter

Under oath, journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan claimed that these mummified samples were extraterrestrial and offered intriguing DNA results. He suggested that more than 30% of their DNA is still unknown. He also asserted that the specimens were found in diatom mines and subsequently petrified, not after a UFO crash.

Yet, this provides the internet with a wild day because lately, a video showing an ET lying down has become popular on social media. The slender creatures were said to have been discovered in Mexico. Since then, a video of its face being cut off with a knife has surfaced online.

This gives a new twist to the whole Mexican ET controversy. Nonetheless, the reality behind this outrageous claim is quite different. So, here’s what we know about it:

Corpses are actually Mexican alien cake

Instagram and X have both been inundated with images and videos of the lanky alien resting. Not only this, but also social networking sites Daily Loud and Pubity made sure that identical images circulated online like wildfire.

The non-human creatures were not mummified after being discovered in Mexico, unlike what the internet claims. However, now it is established that the alleged non-human being is, in fact, a cake. The pastry chef who produced the extraterrestrial figure made the extraterrestrial out of cake. Yes, the viral corpses are actually coffee cakes.

The aforementioned X user posted a video of the mummified body being cut up with a knife on 15 September. The creature’s face was cut open, revealing what appeared to be chocolate icing. So, it is safe to assume that the alien was merely a cake and not mummified in the first place.

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