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Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers Twitter and Reddit, leaks and raw scans

Ichigo will resume his work on the Strawberry series as per the Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers

The chapter is a win for Aqua and Ruby fans. Ruby clearly thinks Aqua’s efforts are noble and lovely because of how she treats her.

According to the spoilers, Ichigo has returned to work and is once again successfully managing his responsibilities. He meticulously organized Ruby’s itinerary to ensure that she completed her tasks on time. He even warned Miyako to keep an eye on Aqua since he could snap at any moment. Let’s examine more closely at what happened in Oshi no Ko Chapter 126.

Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers Twitter and Reddit, leaks, raw scans

Oshi no Ko Chapter 126 raw scans begin with Miyako inviting Ichigo back to the Strawberry play. Rather than being surprised to see Ichigo again, Aqua and Ruby were disappointed to learn that he had been severely battered by Miyako and was wearing a bandage over his face.

Miyako introduces Inchigo as the firm’s latest part-time employee. He notifies everyone that there will be a major restructuring of timetables. While Miyako is still discussing the rearrangement, Ruby approaches Ichigo with a message. Ruby tells him, with a cheerful grin on her face, that his conversation with Miyako went well.

Ichigo informs her that she can understand his thoughts based on her look and the tone of their talk (he was beaten by her). He claims to Ruby that Aqua had planned for him to meet Miyoka at the shop, but when he arrived, he discovered Miyako instead.

After hearing and considering this, she is overjoyed to find that her brother Aqua loves her so much that he would do something like this only for her. He specifically brought Ichigo back to the office for her. She finds his way of doing things endearing.

Chapter 126 Leaks/Spoilers Discussion
byu/QueenKittenWriter inChurch_Of_AquaxRuby

She recognizes that he is a doctor, and that doctors frequently surprise their patients without asking or seeking their feedback. Ruby has faith in her sensei.

We next switch to Miyako and Ichigo at their desk, where Ichigo is setting up Ruby’s schedule on the computer. While Ichigo was preoccupied rescheduling Ruby, he cautioned Miyako to keep an eye on Aqua in case he went insane. Miyako was taken aback after hearing all of this. In the final panel, Aqua sits on the balcony with a crow by his side, looking downcast.

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