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Goa Taxi App by government how to download on iOS and Android, name and review

The Tourism Department of the Goa government unveiled the “Goa Taxi App” for hassle-free commuting, know how to download it

The initiative was taken ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi to enhance the tourism experience in the state.

Goa Taxi App by government launch, how to download, name and review

On Friday, September 15, 2023, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced the launch of the Goa Taxi App and stated that the state wants to draw in high-calibre visitors.

Sawant said that Goa is already overflowing with tourists. He added that now they are focusing on high-quality visitors who will support Goa’s economy. 

He continued saying, “When we declare our desire to do so, we must also deliver high-quality experiences and services. That endeavour includes this app.”

Reducing The Risk Of Road Accidents

According to Sawant, the Goa Taxi App will assist in lowering accidents and will ensure the safety of female visitors.

To Solve The Problem Of Overcharging

He noted that the app’s clear pricing structure, with prices set by the Directorate of Transport, will be available. Tourists and residents won’t have to bargain with taxi drivers or worry about being overcharged.

In general, Sawant thinks the Goa Taxi App would be a useful tool for enhancing the security and practicality of transportation in Goa.

No Taxi Goa Beyond Beaches

According to Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte, the Goa Taxi App is in keeping with the state’s tourism ambitions. 

He said, “Transportation “becomes a major issue if we want to promote Goa beyond beaches. Goa Miles does exist, but it presents unique difficulties. Since Goa Miles is a private company, local taxi owners claim that business is unpredictable. As a result, the government developed this software to assist neighbourhood taxi drivers.”

The Proposed Schemes For Taxi Owners

The government has also suggested four programmes for app-using cab owners.

  • The pension plan for the cab owner’s wife
  • Pension plan for taxi drivers above 60
  • The marriage scheme for taxi owners
  • The education of taxi owners

Why Download The Goa Taxi App?

The minister added that the app was active at the Mopa airport in North Goa and had been introduced in January of this year. Based on the feedback, they made the decision to officially publish the “Goa Taxi App” so that more local taxi drivers could sign up and make it easier for visitors to go around Goa.

The government wants to offer the following advantages to visitors and residents through the app:

  • Taxi reservations that are hassle-free round-the-clock
  • Transparency and higher-quality services
  • Affordable fare charges.
  • Reporting and feedback from passengers.
  • SOS features are for emergencies, breakdowns, and the protection of female passengers.

How To Use The New Goa Taxi App

  • First, download the Goa Taxi app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your mobile number and use the OTP to confirm it.
  • Enter the location you want to go to.
  • Choose the taxi service you want.
  • Your request will be granted, and the driver will proceed to your location.
  • The trip begins when you share the OTP.

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