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Who are 777 Partners, what football clubs do they own, net worth in 2023, owner

On September 12, it was revealed that 777 Partners had resumed talks to buy Everton, know about the football clubs owned by the group

Since then, the rumours surrounding the club’s ownership have taken an unexpected turn.

Who are 777 Partners new Everton owner, what football clubs do they own, net worth in 2023, ownership details

The Miami-based company, 777 Partners, first expressed interest in a holding over the summer. Their rekindled pursuit was rapidly concluded on September 15 when they inked an agreement to buy Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% stake.

Everton has sought finance for its new Bramley-Moore Dock stadium in Liverpool for a long time, in part to free up funds. After narrowly avoiding relegation on the final day of the previous season, the team is struggling in the Premier League. It has also left fans restless with the club’s ownership.

Overview Of The Company 777 Partners

777 Partners, a holding company that was established in 2015, describes itself as a “fearless disruptor” of the investment environment.

They offer their operating firms services in accounting, finance, human resources, procurement, marketing, law, technology, and analytics.

Bosses Josh Wander and Steve Pasko, the two founders, relocated their new business from New York to Miami in 2016 after previously working for Florida investment firm SuttonPark Capital.

Since then, 777 Partners has expanded its areas of expertise to include litigation, sports, media and entertainment, aviation, insurance, and financial technology.

The Clubs Associated With 777 Partners

  • Sevilla, a Spanish club that has recently dominated the UEFA Europa League, was their first investment. 
  • Genoa (Italy)
  • Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
  • Melbourne Victory (Australia)
  • Standard Liege (Belgium)
  • Red Star (France)
  • Hertha BSC (Germany)

On their website, 777 Partners states that they take “full accountability” for their deeds. It reads, “We operate like owners and act with high integrity in everything we do, seeking to have a positive and enduring impact on the people and communities we serve.”

The Assets, and Wealth Of 777 Partners

According to reports, they are in charge of managing more than $6 billion (£4.8 billion) in assets. In 2021, they invested $8.7 million (£7 million) in a 45% stake in the British Basketball League after making an earlier investment in one of the teams, the London Lions. 

How Much Money Do The 777 Partners Have In The Bank, And Are They Wealthier Than Farhad Moshiri?

According to the Co-Operation of Worldwide Broadcasting, 777 Partners generates £76.7 million in income annually, or $247,000 per employee.

The group, known as 777 Partners, is thought to have a net worth of £9.7 billion because of its investments in the fintech, sustainability, sports, and aviation industries.

Farhad Moshiri, chairman of USM, has a net worth of £2.5 billion, according to Forbes. That makes him significantly wealthier.

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