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Monsters of California Trailer Makes a Stirring First Impression for Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge Directorial Debut


  • The upcoming sci-fi movie, Monsters of California, combines skate culture, eerie phenomena, and humor for an exciting and captivating cinematic experience.
  • Renowned artist Tom DeLonge, of Blink-182 fame, is the creative force behind this project and draws inspiration from his fascination with the unexplained and his skateboarding background.
  • The movie features a talented and diverse cast, with Richard Kind and Casper Van Dien taking center stage, promising a delightful blend of performances that will resonate with audiences.

The upcoming sci-fi movie, Monsters of California, promises to be a harmonious amalgamation of skate culture, eerie phenomena, and a zesty sprinkle of humor that promises to keep audiences on the edges of their seats. The brains behind this promising venture? The renowned artist and Blink-182’s creative dynamo, Tom DeLonge, is at the helm. As October 6th nears, film enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement to delve into the captivating universe DeLonge has crafted.

Delving into the unexplored niches of his past and inspirations, DeLonge candidly reflects upon the influences that shaped this project. “The film takes my fascination with the unexplained, combines it with the skate culture I grew up a part of, and tosses in my ridiculous sense of humor that millions got to witness during my Blink-182 days,” shared DeLonge, painting a vibrant picture of what to anticipate from the movie.

The project seems to echo DeLonge’s more recent endeavours, where he ventured into the sphere of the unexplained through his company, To The Stars Media. This experience, as per his statement, has been a vital force that nurtured the essence of Monsters of California. As we step closer to the movie’s release, the latest trailer teases audiences with a glimpse into the film’s enigmatic universe, with Richard Kind and Casper Van Dien stealing the limelight in their respective roles.

The movie has summoned a remarkable assembly of talent, boasting a cast that harmoniously melds seasoned actors with fresh faces. Starring alongside Richard Kind and Casper Van Dien are the likes of Arianne Zucker, Camille Kostek, Gabrielle Haugh, Jack Samson, Jared Scott, and Jack Lancaster, promising a delightful blend of performances that aims to resonate with a diverse audience.

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Tom DeLonge’s Bold Leap into the World of Cinematography with Monsters of California


Adding another layer of richness to this narrative is the collaborative effort in the screenplay, penned by DeLonge and Ian Miller. This venture marks a significant footprint in DeLonge’s journey from a musician to a filmmaker, as he not only embarks on the role of a writer but also wears the hat of a producer, working hand in hand with Stan Spry and Eric Woods from Cartel Pictures. Through the lens of To The Stars Media production banner, they aim to craft a narrative that is as engaging as it is unique.

As the anticipation builds, the recently unveiled trailer is nothing short of a visual symphony, masterfully orchestrating snippets that leave the viewers yearning for more. This enticing sneak peek encapsulates the spirit of the project, intertwining moments of thrill with an undercurrent of humor, characteristic of DeLonge’s vibrant personality.

While the trailer has been successful in maintaining a shroud of mystery around the plot, it has most certainly managed to fuel the growing excitement and curiosity among fans and newcomers alike. As we navigate through glimpses of camaraderie, adventure, and the mystique of the unknown, Monsters of California beckons viewers to join in on a “f*cked up fun adventure.”

Monsters of California transcends the boundaries of mere cinematography, offering a lively voyage through the brainwork of one of this era’s forefront creators, nestled in pathways where science fiction intertwines with a complex mesh of realism and wit. As the clock ticks closer to its release, one can only imagine the cinematic rollercoaster that awaits, promising laughter, thrill, and a generous dose of the unexplained.

Monsters of California will debut on October 6.

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