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Who is Neil Dawan co-pilot of private plane which crashed at Mumbai Airport as skid crash video goes viral

At the Mumbai airport on Thursday, a private plane swerved off the runway, injuring eight persons, with the captain and co-pilot with the crash video now viral

The VSR Ventures Learjet 45, VT-DBL, had taken off from Visakhapatnam.

Who is Neil Dawan co-pilot of private plane which crashed at Mumbai Airport as crash video goes viral on Twitter

An official said on Friday that the co-pilot of a private plane that skidded off the runway at the Mumbai airport has a spinal injury and has been sent to another hospital for surgery. He continued by saying that four other accident participants were released throughout the day.

When making an approach to runway 27 at the Mumbai airport, the VT-DBL Learjet 45 of VSR Ventures, which was travelling from Vizag to Mumbai, encountered a runway excursion. Six passengers and two crew members were on board. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation reported that despite the heavy rain, visibility was 700 meters. According to preliminary data from the Mumbai Disaster Department, the event was reported by the Mumbai Fire Brigade around 5:45 p.m.

Crew members suffered serious injuries.

The co-pilot, Neil Diwan, who is in his early 20s, has a spinal injury, according to Dr. Deepak Namjoshi, the director of Criticare Asia Hospital in Andheri, where he was initially taken after the incident on Thursday night. 21 year old Diwan has a spinal fracture and paraplegia, which causes both of his legs to be numb. He requested to have surgery performed by a doctor he knew, so on Thursday night, he was transferred to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, according to Dr. Namjoshi.

Additionally, the flight’s captain Sunil Kanjarbhat (46), Dhruv Kotak (40), Danish citizen Lars Henrik Ostergaard Sorensen (58), Aakarsh Sethi (26), Krishnadas Kodalil (60), Kamakshi Shringarpure (41) and Arul Sali (50) were also admitted to Criticare Asia Hospital. According to Namjoshi, Kotak, Sali, Sethi, and Shringarpure were all released on Friday, while the conditions of the other three remained stable. All eight occupants of the private plane who were arriving at the Mumbai airport on Thursday evening in the midst of torrential rain sustained injuries.

Kanjarbhat suffered many abrasions as well as injuries to his spine and chest wall. A “wedge compression to L1 vertebra” is also present, according to Dr. Namjoshi. Kotak suffered a mild head abrasion in addition to injuries to his right arm. Sorensen had injuries to his upper back and chest wall. He also has some rib fractures and a “mild bilateral pleural haemorrhage,” according to Namjoshi. He has been given conservative therapy and is currently stable.


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