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How to get drilling rigs in Starfield?

How to get drilling rigs in Starfield? In the huge cosmos of Starfield, the flexibility to collect assets is paramount to your survival and development. Among these priceless assets, Drilling Rigs shine as uncommon manufactured parts, important for crafting Advanced Outpost Parts and Tier 2 Resource Extractors.

But the place can you discover these coveted drilling rigs in Starfield? We are right here to offer you an in depth information, together with varied strategies and areas to guarantee your journey among the many stars is affluent.

Where to discover a drilling rig in Starfield?

Your quest for drilling rigs in Starfield can take many kinds. Depending in your playstyle, persistence, and exploration preferences, you’ll be able to select from a number of paths to purchase these priceless parts.

Exploration: unearth the treasures of the universe

If you are the adventurous kind and benefit from the thrill of exploration, you may stumble throughout drilling rigs throughout your interstellar escapades.

These uncommon parts can typically be discovered in the crafting sections of outposts or bases on planets. However, it’s important to word that drilling rigs are comparatively uncommon and you might want to discover them extensively to safe even a number of.

Purchasing from suppliers: a dependable supply

For those that want a better and extra dependable method to receive drilling rigs, buying them from sellers is probably the most dependable choice.

Vendors specializing in these sought-after parts are scattered throughout varied buying and selling facilities on planets affiliated with main factions. Here is a listing of notable locations the place you’ll be able to reliably buy drilling rigs:

1. Outland

  • Location: Commercial district of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Price: 146 credit
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2. Unified Communications Exchange

  • Location: Cydonia on Mars in the Sol system. Look for a small store on the left simply earlier than the Face of Mars statue.

3. Sieghart Outfitters

  • Location: Neon metropolis on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Located simply to your proper as you permit the Starport dock and enter Neon Town.

4. General merchandise

  • Location: Key star station orbiting Suvorov in the Kryx system. Access to this retailer could require pleasant popularity with the Crimson Fleet pirates.

5. Other suppliers

  • Sometimes drilling rigs could seem in the inventories of normal sellers such because the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis or the Shepherd General Store in Akila City. Trade Authority bodily shops may additionally have them in inventory.

Purchasing drilling rigs from suppliers gives a dependable and easy method to receive these priceless parts, saving you in depth exploration or advanced manufacturing.

Crafts: a fancy enterprise

For these of us who’re hardworking and resourceful, manufacturing drilling rigs is definitely attainable, however includes a fancy and resource-intensive course of. To embark on this journey of creation, you’ll need to make investments ability factors in Outpost Engineering (not less than one level) and analysis Fabrication 2 in Outpost Development.

These steps unlock the flexibility to construct compound fabricators inside your outpost, able to producing drilling rigs when provided with the required supplies.

Manufacturing a drilling rig requires a set of supplies, together with reactive gauges, tungsten, lubricant, and a big energy provide (8 energy models).

Additionally, reaching rank 2 in the Special Projects ability in the science tree might provide the skill to craft drilling rigs on an industrial bench. However, be ready to make investments considerably in the ability tree to unlock this crafting choice.

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Aldumite drilling rig: an elite craft enterprise

For those that aspire to attain the head of useful resource extraction and manufacturing, Aldumite drilling rigs are the last word purpose. These rigs are solely designed to manufacture superior useful resource extractors and characterize the zenith of drilling know-how at Starfield.

To craft Aldumite Drilling Rigs, you want to attain Special Projects ability rank 4, a big achievement in itself. This achievement unlocks the flexibility to create these extremely sought-after parts. However, Aldumite rigs are comparatively straightforward to discover from particular suppliers, with Outland on New Atlantis being a dependable supply.


In the huge cosmos of Starfield, the selection of how to receive drilling rigs is in the end yours. Each methodology gives a singular set of experiences, challenges and alternatives.

Consider your preferences, playstyle, and recreation circumstances when deciding which path to take. Whether you select exploration, dependable transactions with suppliers, or the troublesome path of crafting, every path contributes to the richness of your interstellar journey.

As you embark in your journey among the many stars, could your useful resource gathering efforts be fruitful and should your drilling rigs be the inspiration of a vibrant and affluent future. Remember, it’s not nearly reaching your vacation spot; it is the journey itself that makes your story in Starfield actually legendary.

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