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Heidi Klum Says Her Love for Halloween Is Contagious — It ‘Has Made Other People Fall in Love With the Holiday’

Mariah Carey may be the queen of Christmas, but Heidi Klum takes the crown for Halloween. Every year on Oct. 31, the supermodel hosts her annual Halloween party, complete with elaborate costumes. Needless to say, she really loves spooky season. So much so that Klum said her love of Halloween is contagious. 

How Heidi ‘fell in love with Halloween’ 

Heidi Klum | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Klum shared how she came to love Halloween. As she told the outlet, it all started when she left her home in Germany and moved to the U.S. during the early days of her modeling career. 

“When I moved to America, I immediately fell in love with Halloween and the spookiness of it,” Klum said. “All that was missing was a fantastic party. It felt like a real opportunity for me.”

Klum hosted her first Halloween party in 2000, and it’s been going strong — save for a hiatus in 2020 and 2021 — ever since. 

“I wanted people to shed the heaviness of the world and be playful,” she explained (via Vogue). “I love the transformation of Halloween: People wear costumes, and with that, shed some insecurities of everyday life.” 

Heidi Klum wanted her ‘crazy, elaborate’ Halloween costumes to inspire others to do the same

Heidi Klum at a costume fitting for her Halloween party
Heidi Klum | Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Klum’s Halloween party isn’t for those who prefer to grab, say, a witch’s hat or pair of cat ears and call their costume done. She herself spends all year thinking up her costume and working together with professionals, which the America’s Got Talent judge has done since 2011. Meanwhile, guests aren’t allowed into the party unless they’re wearing an elaborate get-up. 

“By me doing crazy, elaborate outfits as the host, my hope had always been that all my guests would follow,” Klum said. “And it’s worked because, over the years, people have become increasingly more outrageous with their costumes. 

“The party has become almost legendary,” she continued. “It’s epic. I feel like my love for Halloween has made other people fall in love with the holiday, too.”

Heidi showed her love for Halloween differently in 2020 and 2021 

Heidi Klum at her annual Halloween party dressed as an apple
Heidi Klum | J.Sciulli/WireImage for Full Picture – Los Angeles

Instead of getting together with family and friends for her annual Halloween bash, Klum did things differently because of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020 and 2021. “For the first year in a long time, I am not hosting my annual party,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in October 2020. “But that does not mean that we can’t be creative and celebrate.”

The Project Runway alum celebrated with a movie marathon featuring horror classics, Halloween-themed DIY projects, and a costume reveal. 

“What is most important is to spend time with family and do fun projects together,” Klum said. “As my good friend and makeup artist Bill Corso said, ‘A little powder and a little paint makes you what you ain’t,’ so let’s all powder, paint, stay safe and escape.”

After a two-year hiatus, Klum resumed her hosting duties in 2022, dressing up as a worm. As for Klum’s 2023 Halloween costume, fans will have to wait until Oct. 31 for the big reveal. 

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