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The Continental Director Explains Why the John Wick Prequel Will Have Shorter Action Sequences


  • Director Albert Hughes and action director Larnell Stovall aim to create action scenes in The Continental that captivate viewers and leave them wanting more, emphasizing the importance of moderation, style, and length.
  • Hughes and Stovall are conscious of avoiding action fatigue and aim to sustain viewer engagement by crafting concise yet thrilling action sequences.
  • The Continental seeks to deliver a carefully orchestrated narrative, weaving action sequences into a broader, intricate tapestry that resonates on multiple levels, promising an action-packed spectacle that is both memorable and justified in its brevity.

Director Albert Hughes, a maestro orchestrating this harmony in the forthcoming John Wick prequel series, The Continental, accentuates the essence of moderation in crafting action scenes that not only captivate but also leave audiences yearning for more. Alongside action director Larnell Stovall, Hughes stands poised to redefine the boundaries of action narrative through a discerning approach to scene length and style.

While conversing with Entertainment Weekly, Hughes and Stovall delved deep into the underlying philosophy guiding the construction of action sequences in The Continental. The duo emphasized the critical role of creating riveting yet concise action scenes, which not only satisfy viewers’ appetite for thrill and excitement but also cultivate a lingering desire for further narrative progression. Stovall asserted:

“This is our intro into the world of The Continental, this is our first big action sequence. We knew that this may affect the audience’s anticipation for whatever comes up in the future by how well we nail this one. The main thing from Albert was filming style and length. Albert is a big fan of not overstaying your welcome, because you want to leave people wanting more.”

Hughes, echoing this sentiment, voiced his conscious efforts to eschew extended sequences that risk overstaying their welcome. Emphasizing the need to cultivate a sustainable viewer engagement, he noted:

“That was the big thing. I didn’t want to run into the problem of action fatigue. That was a constant creative ebb and flow with Larnell, God bless him. I would always see these stunt [visualizations] and go, ‘Goddamn it Larnell! It’s a one-page scene and this scene’s going on for six minutes that you’re showing me!”

As we embark on this thrilling new venture, viewers are invited to traverse the perilous and intrigue-laden world of a youthful Winston Scott, portrayed by Colin Woodell. A figure destined to be at the helm of New York’s esteemed Continental Hotel, Scott finds himself in the eye of the storm as Hughes directs a captivating narrative that encompasses episodes one and three of the series. Within this explosive backdrop, Hughes manifests his commitment to preventing “action fatigue,” an affliction often plaguing similar genre content.

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The Continental’s Symphony of Intricacy & Vigor


As viewers anticipate a series that promises both depth and dynamism, The Continental unfolds a riveting narrative where Winston is embroiled in a precarious mission. Under duress from the formidable hotel owner, Cormac (Mel Gibson), Winston embarks on a harrowing quest to locate his brother, with their lives hanging in the balance. As tensions escalate, audiences witness Winston rallying a formidable group of assassins, determined to challenge the omnipotent Continental.

Hughes and Stovall convey an unyielding dedication to offering an action-packed spectacle that resonates on multiple levels. Despite potentially shorter sequences compared to its John Wick predecessors, the show aims to craft experiences that are not only memorable but also justified in their brevity.

A venture like The Continental beckons with the allure of a finely tuned symphony, where each note, each movement, holds intrinsic value. The series promises not a cacophony of mindless violence and explosions but a carefully orchestrated narrative, where action sequences find their justified place within a broader, intricate tapestry. As audiences around the world ready themselves for a narrative voyage punctuated with succinct yet potent bursts of action, one thing is certain: under the vigilant eyes of Hughes and Stovall, the legacy of the John Wick universe remains in adept hands, ready to carve out new frontiers in the realm of action storytelling.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick is scheduled to premiere on September 22, 2023, on Peacock.

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