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What is the blue smurf cat on TikTok, viral meme meaning and name explained

A picture of what they refer to as a Shailushai, or blue smurf cat, has caused a stir on TikTok, know the meaning of the meme

It has gained so much popularity that it has developed its own meme. But, what precisely are smurf cats, and where did they originate?

What is the blue smurf cat on TikTok and viral meme meaning 

The original memes of mid-2023, which feature vibrant fruits and animals, are taking over TikTok. However, allow us to explain the most recent craze that is sweeping the site as users choose between the Smurf Blue Cat, Strawberry Elephant, Pineapple Owl, and more.

The Lastest TikTok Trend

With millions of users regularly watching each other’s videos and participating in the newest challenges and trends, TikTok is one of the most widely used social media platforms available.

The “smurf cat” is one of the most recent trends on the app.

The Russian hashtag #aлуа has received an additional 443.1 million views, bringing the total number of views for the hashtag smurfcat to over 691.9 million. But what precisely is a “smurf cat,” where did it originate, and why are TikTok users so enamoured by it?

What Is The TikTok Blue Smurf Cat?

A popular meme on social media is the blue smurf cat, a creature that resembles a hybrid of a smurf, a cat, and a mushroom.

Nate Hallinan came up with the creature after imagining what the Smurfs would look like if they were real in 2014. Nine years later, Shailushai, also known as Aлуа, the little blue cat smurf, has taken over TikTok.

His appearance is virtually always accompanied by the Alan Walker song “The Spectre,” notably the line: “We live. We Lies, We Love.”

A trend of including Shailushai in various scenarios—including ones in Minecraft—has been sparked by posts showing Shailushai, which receive hundreds of comments.

Everything You Need To Know About the TikTok Blue Smurf Cat

The adorable little scamp appears to have been used for the first time by ghojam1, a TikTok user who found it, put it in a TikTok in August and saw an immediate increase in views to 2.2 million.

Being the first to post something like, “The image isn’t loading, but I swear to God if it is the Smurf cat,” is another trend.

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