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Spanish reporter Isa Balado being gr*ped by man in Madrid video goes viral on Twitter and Instagram

We examine the aftermath of the disgusting incident in Madrid, which saw an unknown man gr*ping journalist Isa Balado with the video viral on Twitter and Instagram

For abusing a journalist while she was on the air, Spanish police have detained a man. Tuesday in Madrid, Isa Balado was covering a crime when she was grabbed from behind by a man who gr*ped her before asking what channel she worked for. Balado confronted him and tried to continue with her broadcast while stating that she was working, but host Nacho Abad insisted that she show the man’s face on television.

Spanish reporter Isa Balado being gr*ped by man in Madrid video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram

What happened during live reporting by Spanish journalist Isa Balado?

On Twitter, netizens were left feeling disgusted after watching the video of a man, who inappropriately touched a female journalist in Spain. Notably, the journalist Isa Balado was talking to the camera as part of her live broadcast on television, when a man approached from behind and touched her inappropriately. Although the surprised journalist tried to continue her live broadcast, the anchor Nacho Abad cut her off and inquired as to whether the man gr*ped her. After the reporter confirmed the incident, Abad instructed the reporter to capture the individual on camera.

After host Nacho Abad inquired as to whether the man had touched her, the reporter responded in the affirmative and questioned the man about his behavior after it became clear from the video that he had. However, the man clearly denied doing anything wrong even after his transgression and improper actions were captured on camera in real time. The man made no apologies and might even be seen grinning. When pressed by the journalist, he declined to take any action. Later, as the live coverage goes on, the man can be seen in the distance leaving.

How Police reacted to this despicable incident?

The alleged individual was detained by police as a result of his conduct, according to reports and video. In the footage, he is seen being taken into custody by two police officers, one of whom is a woman. Mediaset Espana owns the channel that the journalist works for. In a statement supporting the journalist, the group also referred to the occurrence as an absolutely intolerable situation.

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