My colleagues are backstabbing me – Vector laments

Nigerian rap sensation, Olanrewaju David Ogunmefun, also known as Vector, has opened up on the challenges he’s been battling with regards to his colleagues and music executives.

The ‘King Kong’ crooner said some of his colleagues are backstabbing him by rubbishing his brand abroad.

Vector The Viper, who lamented via his Twitter page also said he has been tagged stubborn and troublesome because he doesn’t compromise.

He, however, noted that it is hilarious how some of his colleagues who backstab him always act nice in his presence.

He wrote; “I’ve been holding back a lot. If you think about it, I am the perfect example of the one who they thought would be ‘classist’ because I rap in English and I should ‘leave all these local affiliations’ but una no mind when Jay-Z dey rep bed Stuyvesant or Brooklyn.

“Because I’ve always had my self awareness intact, ‘he’s stubborn’. In the US, an ex affiliate of one of your darling rappers said ‘I see why they were uncomfortable about you; you don’t bow to anyone’.

“Abi na when them go Ghana dey talk say all Vector knows how to do is ‘trouble rap’ only for the blogger to check online and find ‘luv you Nigeria’ and reached out to encourage me. I think he said ‘this is the most poetic rap I’ve heard from Nigeria’.

“The funniest part is, these people literally become nice puppy dogs when I see them. You would wonder why they are scared of a man like me who smiles so much.”

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