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4011 code meaning explained as banana meme goes viral on Twitter

Social media users are confused about the recent banana meme with the number ‘4011’ and are curious to find out the meaning behind the code, find out everything below

Recently, various banana memes with the number ‘4011’ and a picture of a banana have been making the rounds on social media.

4011 code meaning explained as banana meme goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

The banana meme has take over social media especially Twitter, with users coming up with all sorts of comments.

Meaning of ‘4011’ on banana meme

Simply put, the meaning behind the number ‘4011’ on a banana represents the code that sellers put on the fruit in grocery stores. This code is particular to the US, and usually found across stores like Walmart or Kroger.

While some users may question why the number is funny, the meme has mainly gone viral because online users are laughing over how they all remember the code on bananas. While others may not join in on the laughter, it is simply a light-hearted banter among grocery store employees who find it amusing that they all know the code for bananas and not other products.

‘4011’ banana memes on Twitter

The banana memes with the number 4011 have blown up on Twitter.

One Twitter users posted:

Who still remembers their school lunch number?” to which someone replied: “No, but I remember the code for bananas at the register, 4011.”

While another tweeted:

The second half of your adult life begins when you start to memorize produce codes at the grocery store….bananas are 4011.”

Yet another person added:

Banana code at the grocery store #4011 I’ll never forget working register at 15 years old.”

Meanwhile, another users tweeted:

As I’m going through self-checkout I can remember codes of fruit and veg from working in a grocery store 18 years ago. FYI bananas are 4011.”

Reason behind fruit having codes

In general all loose fruits and vegetables have stickers with codes on them to identify them in the computer system. The code on fruits and vegetables provides with various information about the item, besides just serving as a serial number.

For example, a four-digit code on an item means that it was conventionally grown. Meanwhile, while a five-digit code starting with nine means organic, while five-digit codes starting with eight means genetically modified. Moreover, the codes help employees to checkout the items at a faster rate and track stock easily.

The International Federation for Product Standards is responsible for assigning such numbers. The numbers are simple meant for the sellers and not for conveying any information to consumers. Numbers like the 4011 in a banana help the store with inventory control and category management.

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