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Daniel Gomez Megalodon Video Footage: Viral

Daniel Gomez Megalodon Video Footage: Hey Young Internet Explorers! Today we dive into an enchanting story that has been making waves on TikTok: the story of a fisherman named Daniel Gomez and a supposedly unbelievable discovery. But earlier than we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s ensure we perceive what is going on on.

So what’s it? Well, there’s this video on TikTok claiming {that a} fisherman named Daniel Gomez captured jaw-dropping footage of a megalodon. Wait, what’s a megalodon, you ask? This is not any peculiar fish, it is an enormous prehistoric shark that lived tens of millions of years in the past, lengthy earlier than our time!

Daniel Gomez Megalodon Video Footage

Now this is the catch: this TikTok video is not the actual deal. This is what we name a “hoax”. Simply put, it’s a trick or a lie meant to make individuals consider one thing that’s not true. So there isn’t a want to fret about gigantic sharks lurking within the ocean; it is only a story.

Megalodons: extinct and gone

Let’s speak about megalodons for a second. These huge sharks lived a really very long time in the past, round 3.6 million years in the past. That’s even older than your grandparents! So, from a scientific perspective, it’s unattainable that they’re nonetheless swimming in our oceans as we speak. They are as extinct because the dinosaurs.

Do not observe these directions

Now right here comes the difficult half. In the video, they let you know to click on the “Share” button, then choose “Google Maps” to look at the Megalodon footage. Sounds thrilling, proper? Well, do not fall for the lure. These directions are meant to mislead you. No actual footage awaits you on Google Maps.

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TikTok Trickster

Let’s speak about the one that posted this video. This is what we name a “TikTok user”. This specific person has a historical past of sharing content material that’s not true. They talked about NASA’s Big Cave operation (which does not even exist), uncommon photographs of Leviathan (a legendary sea creature), and different made-up stuff. Basically, they like to inform tales to get a lot of views and a focus.

Use Your Internet Superpower: Skepticism

Here’s the deal, younger web sleuths: while you see one thing wild and loopy on social media, it is important to be just a little skeptical. It means you do not simply consider all the things you see or hear. Use your vital considering, equivalent to when attempting to resolve a difficult puzzle or riddle.

Protect your privateness and safety

Also, keep in mind to watch out about what you share on the web. Sometimes these difficult TikTok movies could ask to your private data, and that is a no-no. It’s like not disclosing your property tackle to strangers: you defend your data.

Oops, I shared it – Now what?

Oh-oh, what in the event you had already shared the video on Google Maps? Carefree! You can observe just a few steps to cancel it and defend your data. It’s like hitting the “undo” button on a drawing app: errors occur, however you possibly can repair them.

The large conclusion

Alright, younger explorers, this is the inside track: this TikTok video about Daniel Gomez and the Megalodon is only a made up story. Megalodons are a factor of the previous and the video is a trick to draw consideration. Never overlook to be a bit skeptical on the web, to guard your private data and to not fear an excessive amount of about gigantic sharks within the ocean. The true wonders of the ocean are the unbelievable creatures that truly exist as we speak!

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