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King Charles Really Loves Eggs, Like Really Loves Them

You might say that King Charles has cracked the secret to a royal diet, and it’s all about eggs. Regarding his royal menu, his majesty isn’t just partial to eggs—his devotion to them is next-level.

From headlines to the small-screen, the British monarch’s love affair with eggs has captured imaginations and sparked culinary intrigue. Here’s a deep dive into the ins and outs of Charles’ eggy eating habits.

King Charles loves eggs so much he eats them with every meal

Charles’ eating habits, particularly his affinity for eggs, have often attracted media attention. For instance, the rumor that he has seven boiled eggs to choose from for each meal was debunked by Charles himself.

As royal chef Graham Tinsley noted, his actual routine includes a boiled egg at every meal.

Starting his day off on a nutritious note, Charles enjoys a morning egg, a choice that’s hardly surprising considering that he and Camilla are avid poultry enthusiasts.  

The royal pair raise their flock of hens in their Gloucestershire estate, ensuring a regular supply of fresh, organic eggs.

According to Mirror, Chef Graham mentioned that the King favors a gently coddled egg cooked for a few minutes to achieve a soft texture. Charles then enjoys his eggs slightly mashed and discreetly tucked under a layer of salad greens, resembling a mayonnaise-like consistency.

His Majesty’s love for eggs was even featured on ‘The Crown’

In an episode of The Crown, a post-divorce Prince Charles visited Princess Diana at Kensington Palace to revisit their past relationship. Although the dialogue is likely fabricated, Charles’ remark about eating scrambled eggs seems authentic.

The show’s creator, Peter Morgan, was alluding to widespread chatter that Charles has a strong affinity for eggs. Actor Josh O’Connor, who portrayed Charles in the show’s third and fourth seasons, has also commented on this egg-centric rumor.

According to Town and Country, O’Connor was intrigued enough to want to confirm whether Charles does indeed include a boiled egg in every meal. The actor even mentioned that the rumor suggests Charles skips lunch and that an egg is a staple whatever the meal.

“Rumor has it, he doesn’t eat lunch and whenever he eats, he’ll always have a boiled egg. It doesn’t matter what it is. So I’d kind of like to ask. I want to know the truth of that,” O’Connor explained.

The Crown star added that he would avoid asking Charles personal questions about Princess Diana. But inquiries about his eating habits would be a top priority.

Here’s a look at some of King Charles’ favorite egg recipes

Charles’ fondness for eggs shines through in these varied recipes, each offering a unique culinary twist.

For breakfast, try Charles’ cheesy baked eggs that harmoniously meld cheese, eggs, spinach, ripe tomatoes, and a velvety splash of cream.

If you’re yearning for a more robust meal, consider baked eggs accentuated with spicy tomatoes, crumbled feta, and the added substance of chickpeas and spinach.

Yet another inventive variation is a marriage between savory French toast and the timeless classic eggs royale. This dish is perfect for those seeking a hassle-free yet luxurious breakfast option.

For those snacky moments, Charles prefers a unique Manchego and thyme shortbread that perfectly combines cheese and biscuit into one flavorsome treat.

And if you’re in the mood for something hearty, indulge in a vegan mushroom risotto. Known for his fondness for foraging and earthy flavors, Charles would love this nutty, crunchy topping as the finale.

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