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Wandering Warrior of Wudang chapter 109 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read online

Wandering Warrior of Wudang chapter 109 release date is now out

When Siuchan’s clan head learned that Seryoung was in danger, he summoned all of the elite martial artists. He alerted Sichuan and started in search of Seryoung.

Wandering Warrior of Wudang chapter 109 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, leaks, where to read online

The Great Wolf informed Gwi Young that Ak Ryo had died, as had his twenty subordinates. Great Wolf also claimed that Jeok Young went to fetch the emptiness of holes and was captured.

But they discovered Yang Soband was also present. Gwi Young’s head was smashed by the Great Wolf’s feet. Great Wolf said to Gwi Young that he knew Jeok Young’s failure was not his fault, but he resented him for abandoning Ak Ryo to die there.

The Great Wolf revealed that Ak Ryo’s death had linked the Tang clan and the Qing Cheng sect, but because Gwi Young had failed his task, they were in danger of being discovered.

Great Wolf was curious if Gwi Young had any ideas to help them out of their current circumstances. Gwi Young apologized to him by bowing in front of him, and Great Wolf said that because he had never experienced failure, he did not know how to forgive.

Great Wolf wanted to find out the whole truth about what happened there; he didn’t want Gwi Young to make any excuses for the disaster. Gwi Young notified Great Wolf that he suspected the Qincheng dual internal energy art piece had been taken. Gwi Young said that? Great Wolf couldn’t believe it.

Gwi Young informed him that a Wudang disciple had information concerning the location of dual-energy art. So he used Ak Ryo to get rid of him, but they failed because the Tang Clan and Qingcheng intervened in their plan, and he accepted it.

Release Date

Chapter 109 of Wandering Warrior of Wudang is all set to be out on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The international fans will be able to go through upcoming chapter as per following time-zone:

EST: 9:00 AM

NT: 9:00 AM

IST: 6:30 PM

SGT: 9:00 PM

PHT: 9:00 PM

KST: 10:00 PM

JST: 10:00 PM

AEST: 11:00 PM

If you’re not sure where to read upcoming chapter of Wandering Warrior of Wudang, let us remind you, Chapter 109 of the series will be available to read online on Tapas Media and Kakao Webtoon.

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