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Heartstopper: The 10 Best Characters in the Netflix Series

Based on Alice Oseman’s popular webcomics, Heartstopper is now a trending teen drama on Netflix, which recently came out with its new season. The second season continues to captivate viewers, delving deeper into the lives of beloved characters like Charlie and Nick. Set on heartwarming relationships and personal growth, the show’s characters undergo impactful development arcs that resonate with the audiences. The series introduced new additions to the cast this season.

From the expressive Sahar to the compassionate Darcy, the characters skillfully navigate the themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. These themes make Heartstopper an engaging portrayal of youthful complexity. Let’s take a look at some of the best characters from the show who left a strong, lasting impression on the fans.

10 Sahar Zahid


A delightful addition this season, Sahar joins Higgs Grammar School and quickly forms strong connections with Tara, Darcy, and Elle while coordinating the prom. Notable for her boldness, she’s a steadfast and encouraging friend, as exemplified by her joyful support for Elle’s acceptance into Lamber Art School.

Sahar’s genuine self-expression and her ability to inspire others are likely to attract viewers. Her bond with Imogen, too, has the potential to evolve romantically in future seasons. Sahar’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and advocating for her beliefs adds depth to her character, making her a compelling and relatable presence for the audience.

9 Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson from Heartstopper

Olivia Colman’s presence as Nick Nelson’s mother, Sarah Nelson, was a major surprise in Heartstopper’s debut season. Despite initial astonishment at the Oscar winner’s modest role, her sincere and genuine performance during Nick’s coming-out scene quickly dispelled any doubts. Season two saw her return, delivering impactful moments despite the Paris trip limiting her screen time.

Noteworthy scenes included her adeptly diffusing tension between her sons and addressing David’s behavior, as well as a poignant dinner fathering of the Nelson and Springs. Mrs. Nelson, portrayed as a kind and attentive mother, unwaveringly supports her son.

8 Isaac Henderson

Isaac Henderson from Heartstopper

Heartstopper, a commendable mainstream TV series, advocates for inclusion and diversity by introducing Issac, an essential member of Charlie’s friend circle who identifies as aromatic and asexual. While Isaac had a minimal focus in season one, he becomes a core figure in the group, valued for his comfort in confiding.

The new season marks a shift, as Heartstopper’s characteristics and thoughtful storylines of self-discovery extend to Isaac. He candidly navigates his emotions and limitations through conversations with friends, offering wise and insightful advice during vulnerable moments. Issac’s journey echoes with viewers, making him a cherished character.

7 Imogen Heaney

Imogen Heaney from Heartstopper

The character who truly blossomed this season is Imogen. While a fan-favorite for her quirky charm and “I’m an ally!” declaration in the first season, her role mainly revolved around her crush on Nick. Season two, however, granted her well-deserved prominence. Despite Nick standing her up, Imogen remains loyal after understanding his feelings for Charlie.

Imogen’s genuine kindness and ability to find happiness in small moments make her immensely likable. Her cheerful nature and commitment to doing right resonate with viewers. Notably, she playfully supports Charlie and Nick’s relationship, showcasing her allyship. Her standout moment arrives as she courageously confronts Ben for mistreatment, publicly ending her relationship and leaving a strong impression.

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6 Tara Jones

Tara Jones from Heartstopper

In the series, Tara, along with her girlfriend Darcy, becomes the first student at Truham Grammar School to form a close bond with Elle. Throughout the show, Tara consistently stands as a caring and encouraging figure for her friends, readily offering guidance and being a dependable confidant. Tara’s personal narrative also involves her own romantic exploration, particularly her growing affection for Darcy.

Tara’s steadfast role as a devoted and empathetic friend significantly shapes the group’s dynamics. She frequently lends a supportive ear and comforting presence to her peers, while her unswerving support for Darcy during tough times underscores her compassionate character. This makes her an engaging and vital part of the Heartstopper narrative.

5 Darcy Olsson

Darcy Olsson from Heartstopper

Darcy’s character arc in Heartstopper revolves around the internal struggle between her true identity and societal norms. Despite her lively and extroverted nature, she grapples with a complicated and tense dynamic with her mother.

In the show’s second season, Darcy faces eviction after clashing with her mother over wearing a suit to prom. Fortunately, Darcy finds support in her friends, notably Tara. Darcy’s story is likely to resonate with a wide range of fans, regardless of their sexual orientation, as they empathize with her quest for acceptance amidst adversity.

4 Elle Argent

Elle Argent from Heartstopper

Within the show, Elle is characterized by her artistic flair, kind-hearted demeanor, and unwavering pursuit of creative passions. Her narrative revolves around aspirations for art school, relationship dynamics, and self-discovery. Amid challenges and triumphs, Elle finds support from friends and her partner, Tao.

Elle stands as the group’s most nurturing and devoted member, always ready to go beyond for her loved ones. Show enthusiasts appreciate her resolute drive, artistic prowess, and empathetic nature. Additionally, her evolving romantic connection with Tao adds depth to the story, making Heartstopper a love story that delves into multiple relationships.

3 Tao Xu

Tao Xu from Heartstopper

A central figure in Charlie’s friend circle, Tao stands as a fiercely protective presence. In the first season, his skepticism regarding Nick and Charlie’s bond reflects his concern for their well-being. Tao’s season one fear of losing loved ones continues to be relevant in season two. Alongside his fear of Elle’s potential rejection, he’s haunted by the idea of her departure.

Tao’s journey through emotions and personal uncertainties effectively captures the complexities of youthful romance and the struggle to comprehend one’s feelings. Tao’s vulnerability is poised to resonate with fans. His inner battles and genuine attempts to understand his emotions render him a relatable character, likely garnering him a fan base.

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2 Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson from Heartstopper

A main figure in the series, Nick stands out as a character who has deeply resonated with viewers through his touching narrative. In Heartstopper, Nick grapples with his identity, a relatable struggle for many in the LGBTQ+ community. His genuine depiction of navigating his sexuality amid societal pressures has genuinely touched audiences.

Nick’s admirable quality lies in his refusal to distance himself from Charlie despite facing hardships. Their relationship undergoes a remarkable transformation in the second season, characterized by heartfelt moments that underscore their connection, particularly during their Paris trip. Nick’s consistent support for Charlie, even in the face of his own challenges, contributes to Heartstopper’s status as an uplifting Netflix show that holds appeal for everyone.

1 Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring from Heartstopper

In Heartstopper, Charlie’s chronicle unfolds as an inspiring tale of self-discovery and personal growth. Initially contending with his own identity and the fear of societal judgment, Charlie eventually realizes there’s no need for apprehension. His gentle nature and steadfast support for friends, particularly Nick, characterize him as a precious asset in the storyline.

Charlie, struggling with self-doubt due to previous bullying incidents, shows determination. By sharing his hardships related to self-harm with Nick, he shows just how well-connected their bond is, while also showcasing his courage to battle his inner demons. His endeavor of love and acceptance is strongly felt by the audience. Especially as he discovers it in the form of the enchanting Nick, adding to his character’s depth and relatability.

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