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Invasion Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ is a science fiction series that follows a group of individuals trying to survive a hostile alien invasion of the earth. In the second season, Mitsuki Yamato finds herself working for billionaire Nikhil Kapoor, who is searching for a way to defeat the invaders. The third episode of season 2 sees Mitsuki making a major breakthrough that gives humanity a fighting chance against the aliens. At the same time, the Maliks and the Movement find themselves in grave danger. If you are wondering whether Mitsuki’s plan works and if humans retaliate against the aliens, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ season 2, episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘Fireworks,’ opens with Mitsuki Yamato interacting with the alien entity in the mothership that humans knocked out of the sky. However, despite several frequency tests, the entity does not respond to Mitsuki’s presence, and she fails to learn anything of consequence. Mitsuki returns from the pod and checks the entity’s readings. With the analyst’s help, she tries to learn more about the entity. The analysts reveal that the alien emits a strange signal every once in a while at irregular intervals.

Mitsuki wants to return to the pod for further investigation, but Maya stops her for a psych evaluation. However, Mitsuki walks away from the evaluation after seeing the other patients in the med bay. While walking on the bridge, Mitsuki notices the alien mothership cloaking itself and disappearing into thin air. Mitsuki speaks with the analysts and asks them to rerun their sequences until the cloaking repeats. Mitsuki works with the analysts, and they deduce the frequency that activates the mothership’s cloaking.

Elsewhere, Luke spends time with Clark’s daughter, Ryder, and learns more about the Movement. Ryder explains that the Movement is dedicated to saving lives amidst the alien invasion. On the other hand, Clark and Aneeha get into an argument about the Movement’s methods and ideologies. Despite needing the Movement’s help, Aneesha refuses to let her guard down and trust Clark and the others. Clark takes a convoy of the Movement and the Maliks to the next refugee center.

In Ohio, a captured Trevante meets Rose Callaway, who is keeping track of the missing persons cases at the Sheriff’s office. However, neither the Sheriff nor his Deputies seem interested in her research. Trevante tries to get Rose’s help in obtaining his notebook, but she rebuffs him to focus on her work. After Rose is left disappointed by the Sheriff’s indifference to finding the missing people, Trevante convinces Rose to help him.

Using Trevante’s notebook that features Caspar Morrow’s drawings, he deduces that the numbers in the drawings are the dates people in the town went missing. As a result, Rose trusts Trevante and sets him free, while Trevante hides inside the military base, seeking answers about the missing people. While driving to the next refugee center, the Movement’s convoy encounters a distress call from a family stuck in the ravines and under attack by the aliens.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki and analysts work hard to identify the irregular signals emitted by the alien mothership and conclude that it sends an SOS signal. However, humans cannot track their arrival because of the alien ships’ cloaking ability. As a result, Mitsuki shares her findings with Nikhil, and together, they deduce a daring plan to retaliate against the aliens. Mitsuki hacks the SOS signal and deduces an estimated time for the next signal emission, hoping to use the group’s knowledge of the cloaking frequency to locate the alien ships.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Does Mitsuki and Nikhil’s Plan Work?

In the episode’s final act, Nikhil shares his plan with the World Defense Coalition’s President Benya Mabote. He requests the President to coordinate with the world’s nuclear powerhouses to launch a joint attack when his team locates the alien ships. Although the President is initially skeptical of the pan, Nikhil convinces her that it is humanity’s best chance of striking against their enemies. Ultimately, the President convinces the countries with nuclear powers to use their weapons according to Nikhil’s plan. Mitsuki successfully hacks the SOS signal, uses her knowledge of the cloaking frequency, and tricks the alien ships to unveil themselves.

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The alien ships appear in the sky one after the other and are stuck with a barrage of nuclear weapons. As a result, several alien ships are knocked out of the sky, resulting in a huge victory for humanity. It is revealed that nearly seven alien ships appeared in the sky, and all were successfully destroyed with nuclear weapons thanks to Nikhil and Mitsuki’s plan. The entire planet celebrates the moment of victory as humanity is finally able to fight back against the alien invaders. However, it is not all sunshine yet, as the Movement and Clark find themselves under attack by aliens.

Clark and the Movement members try to save a family from aliens. However, when Ryder leaves the car to chase after her father, Luke follows her. As a result, Aneesha is forced to go after Luke and enters the heat of the action. Although the Movement is about to lose, the nuclear attack on the alien ships saves the day. Since the aliens are connected together via a hive mind of the mothership, the destruction kills them all, saving Clark, Ryder, Luke, and Aneesha’s lives. However, when the group returns to their cars, they are shocked to find that Sarah is missing. The episode ends with Aneesha desperately calling out for Sarah, but to no avail.

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