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Caleg Nasdem and Rosyid Arsyad video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram

Regarding the suspected involvement of a well-known legislator and the huge influence of social media on Indonesian politics, the viral video involving Caleg Nasdem has generated serious worries

News may flare up quickly in the digital age and frequently take on a life of their own. The NasDem Party and Abdul Rosyid Arsyad’s subsequent resignation from the party are all at the centre of a recent dispute that has captured the interest of the Indonesian public. The Caleg Nasdem viral video on Twitter offers a sobering reminder of the political power and dangers of social media.

There are many unresolved concerns about the real identity of the woman at the centre of the scandal in this story because it is full of accusations, strange similarities, and resignations that follow.

Caleg Nasdem and Rosyid Arsyad video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram

Caleg Nasdem’s viral video sent shockwaves through Indonesian social media, sparking a contentious discussion and garnering a lot of attention. This Saturday, August 19, 2023 video that spread notably showed a woman performing acts. The NasDem lawmaker who represents the NTT Provincial DPRD, Maria Rizky Rihi Ha’u, was immediately compared to her because of it.

The woman in the video bears a striking likeness to Maria Rizky Rihi Ha’u, which sparked rumours and prompted several inquiries regarding the lawmaker’s potential involvement in the affair.

The video gained considerable public attention and criticism as it circulated on Twitter and other social media platforms, emphasizing the complex relationship between politics and social media in the modern era. To maintain its legitimacy and relevance in the ever-changing political landscape, the NasDem Party must learn to adapt and react to such controversies. There is still ambiguity about Abdul Rosyid Arsyad’s departure due to conflicting accounts. His resignation has garnered media attention and created a lot of rumours.

It’s crucial to stress that the precise grounds for his resignation have not been confirmed in writing. In politics, rumours and unreliable information can make it difficult to understand the real reasons behind choices. The public ought to be cautious and hold off on drawing judgments about the events leading up to Abdul Rosyid Arsyad’s departure until they have received an official statement or confirmation from either party, whether it be the NasDem Party or Abdul Rosyid Arsyad.

This circumstance emphasizes how crucial it is for political affairs to be transparent and accountable, ensuring that choices and actions are properly disclosed to the public and appropriately understood. There have been a lot of talks and inquiries in response to the Caleg Nasdem video.

The public in Indonesia is curious to learn the truth behind the viral video and whatever consequences it may have for Maria Rizky Rihi Ha’u and the NasDem Party. Significant issues have been raised in light of the woman in the video’s startling likeness to the NasDem lawmaker.

This debate explores problems relating to affairs, political integrity, and the powerful influence of social media. In the digital age, where public scrutiny can unpredictably intersect, it draws attention to the difficulties encountered by prominent personalities.


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