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Lala Bop Urban dictionary meaning explained as TikTok term goes viral

Lala Bop is currently one of the latest slang terms making the rounds on TikTok, check out the meaning behind this offensive term explained below

Everyday, TikTok is bombarded with trendy slang terms and acronyms that pop up in videos, DMs, captions, and hashtags.

Lala Bop Urban dictionary meaning as TikTok term goes viral

The latest offensive slang going viral on TikTok is the term ‘Lala Bop,’ which has sparked a lot of heavy backlash online.

This is because the trend exposes details about other people’s personal lives, particularly their s*xual activities without the person’s knowledge or consent.

Meaning behind Lala Bop trend on TikTok explained

Lala Bop in general terms, refers to someone who has multiple s*xual partners. The word is often used in a judgmental or negative light and more commonly directed towards women. In simple terms, it refers to a person with a high “body count” or someone who casually sleeps around.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Lala Bop:

can be a male or female, someone who f***s everybody,” and “a h*e, cheater, somebody who talks to everyone.”

This offensive term is currently making the rounds on TikTok among its users. TikTokers are currently using this term in a cruel trend, exposing and shaming other people for their alleged sexual activities.

There are many accounts on TikTok using the name ‘Lala Bop’ where they post a person’s photo along with text slides describing what that person has allegedly done s*xually. The users generate such stories through DMs sent to them by other users. Often times, the subject of such posts are not even aware of the post itself.

TikTok users posts backlash against Lala Bop

Following the viral trend, countless of TikTok users are now calling out on users who participate in the trend. Many Tiktokers have accused such participants of invading privacy, perpetuating and sl*t-shaming. Some have also accused such participants of contributing to online harassment usually directed towards minors.

One TikTok user wrote in their video:

You are f**king cruel to think somebody deserves to be posted to this foul trend.”

Meanwhile, another user posted:

Y’all posting minors, little kids, or anybody is not funny or cool.”

Yet another user posted:

I don’t even know where to start when I say how DISGUSTING the Lala Bop trend is. People are doing this with KIDS. What you’re doing is bullying.”

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