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I Had No Idea Buhari Could Be Such A Reckless Spender – Obasanjo Says

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has accused Muhammadu Buhari of spending recklessly during his time as president of Nigeria.

Obasanjo made the claim during an interview with The Cable.

According to the former nation’s leader, he stated that he knew Buhari did not understand economics but he had no idea that he could be such a reckless spender.

Lamenting over the debt burden in the country, Obasanjo argued that no one is ready to offer debt relief anymore.

According to Obasanjo, “Tinubu said the other day that it was unacceptable that he would spend 90% of his revenue to service debts. I wasn’t spending 90% when I went worldwide to get debt relief. Do you think that anybody would give you debt relief today? Buhari was spending money recklessly. I know Buhari didn’t understand economics. I put that in my book. But that he could also be so reckless, I didn’t know. Who would you go to today and ask for a favor? Tinubu says he has trimmed the number of people attending the United Nations General Assembly. Is that news? He will meet with Justin Trudeau, and he will meet with Emmanuel Macron. That will not solve any problem.”

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