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Love for Love’s Sake Kdrama episode 1 release date, cast, plot story, where to watch ep online

Korean BL dramas have gained traction in the past few years. Another BL Kdrama that is all set to release is Love for Love’s Sake with the release date and cast out

The world of Korean BL dramas is soon going to have a new addition. Love for Love’s Sake is an upcoming drama that will feature a cast including popular actors from the Korean industry. Kim Gyun Ah is directing the drama. The running time of the episodes is not announced yet but it is going to be around 45 minutes.

Love for Love’s Sake Kdrama episode 1 release date, cast, plot story and where to watch ep online

Love for Love’s Sake will be released in 2024. It was formerly known as the Love Supremacy Zone. The shooting for the drama will begin in September 2023 and will be wrapped up in early 2024. The exact release of Love for Love’s Sake will be likely announced by the makers at the end of 2023 or early 2024 along with the streaming platform.

Love for Love’s Sake cast and plot

This BL drama is a teenage fantasy romance drama that revolves around four young men. Penthouse actor Lee Tae-vin will be taking on a lead role alongside Cha Joo-wan. All Korean fans are eagerly awaiting the film to witness the chemistry between the two.

Love for Love’s Sake is based on a webtoon that is known for its character and storyline. Love will be taking center stage in this romantic story set in a fantasy world. This drama will be the newest addition to the BL genre. The story revolves around a man who is on a mission to bring joy to the main character of the drama.

Lee Tae-vin’s character finds himself trapped inside the body of a 19-year-old boy in a game.

Apart from these two characters, Love for Love’s Sake will be introducing another couple too. Oh Min-su will be playing Cheon Sang-won who is a character that becomes the source of tension between the two protagonists.

Cha Woong-ki will be playing Ahn Kyung. He was a part of Boy’s Planet’s reality competition in the past.

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