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Video and photos of Nina Agdal fl*shing go viral after Dillon Danis shares post on Twitter

We examine the latest updates regarding feud of Dillon Danis and Logan Paul, after the former uploaded clips of Nina Agdal on Twitter with a video of her now viral

Prior to the Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis battle on The Prime Card, the rivalry reached a new pitch after the two men exchanged personal jabs. Danis has harassed his next opponent online with images of his fiancée with ex-boyfriends and other men ever since the bout was publicized. After trolling for a few weeks, Danis has kept posting new images and videos of Paul’s fiancée. The former Bellator competitor posted a video of Agdal indecently exposing herself on Twitter.

Video and photos of Nina Agdal fl*shing go viral after Dillon Danis shares them on Twitter

What happened between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul?

Another dramatic development has occurred in the ongoing conflict between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul, as Dillon has decided to take the animosity to a new level. Although Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiancée, has appeared in several prior blogs, Danis has raised the stakes by posting yet another video.

As Logan Paul and Dillon Danis prepare for their impending confrontation, their constant barrage of taunting continues unabatedly. The much awaited match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, set for October 14th, is less than a month away. This fight will co-headline the Misfits Boxing event with KSI and Tommy Fury, heightening interest in the occasion.

How Dillon Danis managed to get his hands on clips of Nina?

On 2nd September, Danis released a film footage of Nina Agdal in which she was seen cuddling up to an elderly man and flashing her b**bs. Fans are baffled and in astonishment by the revelation, wondering how Danis got his hands on such embarrassing footage. Also hinting at even more disturbing material, Danis revealed that he has a vast collection of other graphic pictures and films of Nina.

Dillon Danis made a nasty move by surprisingly sharing photos and videos of Logan Paul’s fiancée and warning that things could get worse. He recently used social media to mock Nina Agdal, saying she performed on OF without any fans.

Paul and Danis’ pay-per-view boxing battle is scheduled on October 14 in Manchester, England. It is also anticipated to be a major encounter because of how heated the pre-match promotion has made the rivalry. Logan Paul, a former YouTuber turned WWE superstar, apologized to the public for his offensive remarks about Dillon Danis’ mother as the Paul-Danis controversy gained steam.

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