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United States Adopts Yoruba Language For Learners Permit Test

The United States of America has adopted Yoruba as one of the languages that Maryland Learner’s Permit Tests will be carried out.

The Yoruba language is now part of nine other new languages the Maryland Learner’s Permit Tests will be offering.

Other language options available to drivers starting this month, aside from Yoruba, are Tagalog, Amharic, Arabic, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Portuguese, and American Sign Language

An administrator with the Motor Vehicle Agency in Maryland, USA, Chrissy Nizer, said the languages were selected based on the US census data.

“Improving accessibility for the driver’s knowledge test and study materials is critical to serve Maryland’s linguistically diverse population,” Nizer said.

CBS News reports that the tests and study manuals were previously offered in English, Spanish, French, Korean, traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

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