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I’LL-IT R U Next Kpop debut group lineup members name, kprofiles and age

R U Next winner, On 1st September announced the final lineup of its upcoming Kpop girl group members, I’LL-IT or I Will Be It, know the debut group kprofiles

R U Next is a show organized by BELIFT Lab and JBTC.

R U Next premiered on June 30, 2023, with twenty-two contestants. Now the show has come up with its top six contestants after assessing all the contestants in a total of seven rounds.

I’LL-IT R U Next Kpop debut group lineup members name, kprofiles, age and Instagram

This show was among the best and the most popular shows this year based on its concepts. All the K-pop fans were curious to know about the finalists. Certain eliminations made fans upset as their favorite contestants left the show. Know about the I’LL-IT group members below.

I’LL-IT group members

1. Wonhee aka Lee Won-hee managed to bag the first rank among I’LL-IT group members. She was born in 2007 on 26 June. Wonhee is an introvert and her fans have nicknamed her lizard. K-drama actress IU is her role model. She performed OH MY GIRLS’ SSFWL for the finale.

2. Lee Young-seo was born on November 13, 2005. Lee is a former SM Entertainment and ADOR Billie Eilish is her role model. During the initial phase of the show, she was on rank seven but gradually Lee improved her rank. She performed BLACKPINK’s Shut Down for the finale round.

3. Minju aka Park Min-ju is the third member from the lineup. Park was born on May 11, 2004. She was ranked in fourth position and later on, was shifted to third. This former YG Entertainment trainee is known for her vocal skills showcasing DPR IAN as her role model. Park performed  Red Velvet Irene during the final round.

4. Iroha is ranked fourth among the upcoming girl group I’LL-IT group members. This Japanese K-pop member was born in 2008 on 4 February. (G)I-DLE‘s Jeon Soyeon is her role model. Her pre-show ranking was fifth but her dance skills made her achieve fourth position. During the final round, she performed BLACKPINK’s Shut Down with others.

5. Moka aka Sakai Moka is the fifth member of I’LL-IT. She was born on October 8, 2004. This K-pop idol is good at dancing. Jennie from BLACKPINK is her inspiration. Moka performed OH MY GIRLS’ SSFWLand BLACKPINK’s Shut Down during the finale.

6. Yunah aka Noh Yunah is the sixth member. She was born on January 15, 2004. Seulgi from Red Velvet is Yunah’s role model. She performed BLACKPINK’s Shut Down and Red Velvet Irene for the finale.

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