Jake The Viking Criticizes Keemstar’s Take on Ava Kris Tyson and Nickmercs Controversy

In a heated exchange on X, former MrBeast team member Jake The Viking took aim at social media and esports personality Daniel “Keemstar” over a post regarding Jake’s reaction to the controversy between Ava Kris Tyson and Nick “Nickmercs.” For context, Ava and Nickmercs recently had a public clash over Ava’s transgender identity.

Nickmercs, known for his contentious views on transgender issues, has been vocal about his stance, as evidenced by a stream clip from June 11, 2024, where he disregarded the existence of trans people. More recently, he criticized Ava, who transitioned from Kris Tyson, claiming she should be “ashamed” for her actions.

Jake The Viking had reacted to Nickmercs’ controversial post, seemingly supporting his stance. However, he took issue with how Keemstar’s X account, @DramaAlert, reported on his reaction. Jake tagged Daniel and called him a “numb gnome,” stating:

“Shoutout @KEEMSTAR getting the story wrong. I agree on what Nick was saying about Chris. There’s a difference. Numb gnome.”

Keemstar responded, clarifying that the post was made by his team, not him:

“First of all my team posted that, not me. 2nd of all, isn’t that the same thing what do you even talking about? Jobless Gnome.”

Nickmercs has faced significant backlash for his comments on the LGBTQ+ community, particularly his remarks about trans people. On June 23, he targeted Ava, formerly known as Kris Tyson, who has been open about her trans identity on social media. Nickmercs tweeted:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Leaving behind your wife & child, to play pretend. One day you’ll wake up, and realize what you’ve done.”

Ava responded, asserting that she remains close to her family and children. The controversy drew widespread attention, prompting MrBeast to defend Ava against the attacks.

However, Jake The Viking seemed to side with Nickmercs. He posted a tweet quoting Nickmercs’ controversial statements, saying:

“Let ’em know!”

This tweet attracted considerable attention, leading @DramaAlert to post:

“OG Mr Beast crew member Jake The Viking agrees with Nickmerc’s claims on Trans people.”

Jake The Viking did not appreciate this portrayal and directly addressed Keemstar in a short clip on X, clarifying that his comment was specifically about Ava allegedly “abandoning” her family:

“I think it is blatantly obvious what I was saying. I said, ‘Let ’em know!’ to Nickmercs saying, ‘You should be ashamed for abandoning your wife and kid.’ 100%, I don’t know how you missed that. Oh wait no, no it was your team. I don’t know how your team missed that.”

Jake also pushed back against Keemstar’s insinuation that his fame was solely due to his association with MrBeast, even challenging Keemstar to a boxing match:

“And then saying my only claim to success was MrBeast? That’s fcking wild bro. That’s wild. You proved my point. You do the most talk behind the camera and a keyboard. I would call your a* out to a boxing match on your little Happy Punch promo sh*t, and you’d still say no.”

The ongoing feud highlights the deep divisions within the content creator community regarding sensitive issues like transgender identity and the impacts of public statements. As the controversy continues, fans and followers remain divided on the issues at hand.

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