Jack Doherty Breaks Silence on Norway’s Underage Guest Allegations

Controversial Kick streamer Jack Doherty has responded to serious allegations made by his fellow Kick content creator and friend, Norway. The drama unfolded during a recent livestream when Norway accused Doherty of allowing an underage female to stay at his house. Norway claimed that although Doherty did not act inappropriately, the situation was mishandled. Norway stated:

“Jack, I messaged you and told you to kick them out, and then you didn’t do s**t about it because you were in Dubai. But yeah, Ace was chilling with 17-year-olds at your house without an NDA. That’s crazy! They didn’t even sign an NDA, they just pulled up. That’s why you got scared when I called the cops on the girls when they were drink-driving because they were 17…”

Earlier today, June 24, 2024, Jack Doherty addressed these accusations on his official X Community page, expressing shock at Norway “switching up” on him. The 20-year-old streamer claimed Norway chose clout over their friendship, writing:

“Can’t believe Norway switched up on me that fast. I never even kicked him out. I genuinely cared about the kid and did everything for him and still would. He picked ‘clout’ over a friendship I thought was real. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on him, bought him two phones, fed him every day, let him stay at my house, and even got him a $15k-a-month Kick deal.”

Jack Doherty lamented that Norway “threw away his best friend for 15 seconds of fame,” adding:

“I still love that kid and would do anything for him even after all he said about me on live, because I’m a good person and considered that kid family and always will. Hope one day he realizes how good he had it and how he threw away his best friend for 15 seconds of fame.”

In addition to his heartfelt post, Doherty addressed the specific allegation about housing an underage female. Responding to a tweet from @DramaAlert, Doherty claimed that Norway was actually the one who invited the minor to his home. He wrote:

“That minor he said I had at my house was invited by him and right when I found out, she got kicked out. Tf (the f**k) do I get out of having minors at my house?”

Doherty emphasized that he never invites girls to his house as he has a girlfriend and insisted he has too much to lose to engage in such reckless behavior:

“I never invite girls to my house, I have a gf. Think what you want, but I have too much to lose to do stupid stuff like that.”

As the controversy continues to unfold, the streaming community watches closely, awaiting further developments in this dramatic fallout between former friends.

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