Sneako and Ava Kris Tyson in Heated Debate Over Transphobia Allegations

Ava Kris Tyson has fiercely criticized Sneako for his transphobic comments aimed at her, following MrBeast’s defense of her amid the NICKMERCS controversy.

The drama began when NICKMERCS expressed support for Dr. Disrespect on June 22, leading to a heated exchange. Ava Kris Tyson, a longtime friend and on-screen personality associated with MrBeast, shared a video of NICKMERCS mocking pronouns. In response, NICKMERCS lashed out at Tyson, claiming she should be ashamed for allegedly abandoning her wife and child to “play pretend.” MrBeast quickly defended Tyson, emphasizing that she is always with her child, who is always smiling.

The situation escalated further when Sneako, a former MrBeast employee and current Rumble streamer, sided with NICKMERCS. Sneako urged MrBeast to stop endorsing what he called “perversion,” leading to a heated exchange between him and Tyson.

“Sneako doesn’t see Jimmy putting wells in Africa, helping the blind see, and the deaf hear as saving lives,” Tyson retorted, criticizing Sneako’s narrow view. She argued that Sneako would only recognize MrBeast’s impact if he openly condemned the trans community.

Sneako, undeterred, suggested that if Tyson wanted to “pretend to be a woman,” she should do so off-camera. He further accused Tyson of damaging MrBeast’s philanthropic reputation by promoting ideas like puberty blockers and genital mutilation. In response, Tyson sarcastically questioned if Sneako was upset that MrBeast kept her on the team instead of him, implying that Sneako’s departure from the channel was a loss for him.

Sneako attempted to counter this by claiming that leaving MrBeast’s channel allowed him to become his “own man.” Tyson, however, dismissed this, accusing Sneako of lying to himself.

“Being your own man isn’t sucking off grifters,” Tyson remarked sharply. She added that in ten years, Sneako would only be remembered for being a racist.

As of now, Sneako has not responded, bringing a temporary halt to their public dispute. MrBeast, apart from his initial tweet defending Tyson, has not commented further on the matter.

This is not the first time Sneako has clashed with MrBeast over his support of Tyson. He previously had a heated argument with Asmongold on the same issue, highlighting the ongoing tension within the content creator community regarding trans rights and representation.

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