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Cheeny Plant Bio, Age, Job, Married, N*ked And Afraid

Cheeny Plante is one of 12 contestants competing on N*ked and scaredthe latest franchise The last one standing. This is her third time on the survival show, but fans are still in the dark about her personal life. How old is she? Who are his parents ? Is she married? What job does she do for a living?

These are some of the questions we will cover below in this article. So keep scrolling down to read everything we know about her.

Cheeny Plante on N*ked And Afraid: Last Standing

In a one-on-one multi-phase challenge, 12 A-list Naked and scared the survivalists vie for $100,000 and the title of Last One Standing. The show premiered May 7 on the Discovery Channel.

One Cheeny Plante is a tough competitor on the show, as she’s previously appeared in Naked and Scared: Solo. She survived the entire 21 days in the cold grasslands and deserts of South Africa in a spin-off season from The Discovery Channel. Naked and scared series. On Sunday April 30, 2023, Naked and Scared: SoloThe last episode of has ended. The program marked Cheeny’s second successful run on “Naked and Afraid”.

Cheeny persevered through her first three weeks in a difficult part of South Africa. She was paired with other explorers in such a situation. But in the spin-off, she was left alone.

Of his Solo franchise experience, Cheeny added, “It was so cold I couldn’t even sleep because I had to keep stoking the fire. The night was my enemy.

Plante received an animal skin from Naked and scared thrown away as a blanket, but she used it for many other purposes. She made shoes, a headdress, a kilt and a backpack partly from the skin. These chores not only helped keep her warm, clothed and mobile, but they also kept her active.

When asked if she was ready for the fourth season in the future, she simply replied, “I really love my life. I don’t need to run away. I have a huge garden, I I have chickens. New England summers are the best kept secret in the world.

Fun Fact: Cheeny credits her adventurous spirit to the books she’s read, including The Nightingale And The big one by Kristin Hannah.

Is Cheeny Plante married?

No, Cheeny Plante isn’t married, at least not currently as of this writing. First of all, she is very private about her personal life. His IG is private and his Facebook doesn’t contain much information. Additionally, Plante is her maiden name which she still uses, suggesting she is unmarried to adopt her future spouse’s surname conventionally.

So the only conclusion we can draw is that she is unmarried and probably single.

Age Cheeny Plant

Born in 1990, Cheeny Plante is 33 years old.

Who are Cheeny Plante’s parents?

Cheeny Plante is the daughter of Karen McCarthy. His mother who is currently 59 (born February 1964) resides in Sanford, Maine. Karen is the daughter of the late Patricia I. (Altemus) McCarthy and the late Robert J. McCarthy.

His father is probably James Plante, but this remains to be confirmed. Records show James is 58 and resides in Springvale, Maine.

As for siblings, Cheeny has one. Her brother’s name is Spencer Plante, assistant loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. He previously worked in companies like Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. – NMLS #1760.

Spencer attended University of Southern Maine where he played golf.

Fun fact: Cheeny is Zack Plante’s cousin who appeared in season 9 of nasty tuna on the National Geographic Channel.

Employment of Cheeny Plante

Cheeny Plante graduated in 2008 from Sanford High School. She then joined the Air Force and became a SERE specialist (1st Special Operations Support Squadron survival, evasion, resistance, and escape).

Cheeny also has her own property maintenance business, Black cap services. She also shared her intention to return to school. The survivalist plans to learn marine systems and boat building at the D-Day School in Arundel. She also plans to pursue studies in sustainable agriculture.

His fun activities include fishing, hiking, camping, and traveling.

A public profile also reveals that she was likely a crossfit athlete.

Cheeny Plant Height

Cheeny Plante’s height is less than 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When is Cheeny Plante’s birthday?

According to his Facebook, Cheeny Plante celebrates his birthday on February 12.

  • Where is Cheeny Plante from?

Cheeny Plante’s hometown is Sanford, Maine. She also lived in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

  • Is Cheeny Plante on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, Cheeny Plante’s social networks are Instagram (@plantlife) and Facebook (@cheenyhoo).


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