“You had the audacity to block me” – Filmmaker Effixzzy fumes at actor who is owing her millions

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Ani Amatosero better known as Effixzzy has called out the actor who is owing her millions.

Kemi Filani reported that Effixzzy had lamented over how some of her colleagues are owing her millions for unpaid jobs. She claimed one of the debtors has been owing her for over a year. Addressing them, she told them to pay her money or risk being exposed and sent a message to her colleagues in the industry.

Now taking to her Instagram page, she stated that the actor who has been owing her for over 1 year has blocked her on social media, without even calling his name. She stated that despite his audacity, she wouldn’t call out his name until the time she has given him elapses.

“You are owing me 1.3m for 1 year 7 months now, because I came out to talk without even calling your name, you have the audacity to block me. Bro, I will still not call your name until the time I gave you is over. 10 more days to pay up. Until then, keep posting your project.

Keep blocking and unblocking. Follow and unfollow. Na 10 more days remain sir”.

Effixzzy calls out actor owing her millions for blocking her

See some reactions below,

One Uzoma Chibuike69 wrote, “You never serious. Call the name Aunty, keep pampering rascality

One Ifeco153 wrote, “You see as Etinosa collect her money from Pere. Use that pattern, no time for rubbish

One Aliruth18 wrote, “People get kind Sha

One Amanda Williams wrote, “The money is huge, let him pay you

One Faith Ihuefo wrote, “Nawa o. Boss tag him, make we drag am like I pass my neighbor generator

One Jewel Derabii wrote, “Call name make them drag am like tiger gen. Anybody dey feed you? Na only one man go dey owe, still block the person on top. Onigbese oshi

One Braids By Omar wrote, “Ahh people Sha. Smh”.

A few weeks back, Etinosa Idemudia had cried out over being owed by a BBN Naija graduate, who she thought was rich.

In a follow-up post, she revealed the BBNaija star’s identity as Pere and revealed that she had gotten the money and that the money was paid in full. Sending a message to Pere, she told him that she isn’t his mate in the industry as she gave him an advice.

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