‘Those In Government Have Misplaced Priorities’ – CUPP Tackles Tinubu

Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has slammed President Bola Tinubu, accusing him of doing nothing to solve Nigerians’ hunger issues.

Naija News reports that the Coalition, in a statement by its National Secretary, Peter Ameh, said the country is in a mess because those in government have misplaced priorities and refused to do the right thing.

Ameh said Tinubu had deployed incompetent policies, which have all failed, wondering why Nigerians would now offer themselves as burnt offerings while government officials lived in luxury.

He further questioned Tinubu and the vice president, Kashim Shettima, over their travel expenses, while giving false promises and plans to cut public spending.

The Coalition added that Tinubu has been silent regarding corruption issues and those involved in embezzling public funds since he assumed office.

The statement reads, “The luxurious lifestyle of our leaders is the reason we are in this mess, because those in government have misplaced priorities and have vehemently refused to do right by our people.

“Rather they prefer to spend money on white elephant projects that require high expenditure but never deliver returns or serve no useful purpose, like the proposal for a new private jet for the President.

“Such money should have been channelled towards the development of projects that will have lasting positive impact on the lives of citizens.

“The President and his Vice have spent over N8.64bn on travel expenses within the last three months while he continues to give speeches and false promises about plans to cut public spending; still, the cost associated with the running of government in Nigeria is far higher than most countries in the same economy bracket.

“The wasteful spending of those elected to oversee the affairs of running our government is a major contributor to the endemic poverty in Nigeria and the president should be concerned about the situation of the suffering masses and work hard to ensure that this situation improves for those affected (which is everyone by the way).

“Nigeria has a poverty rate of 38.9%, and approximately 87 million Nigerians live below the poverty line and the reason can easily be attributed to incompetent and clueless leaders who have done nothing to improve the lives of the masses.

“Nigeria’s economic growth has been slow, and the country’s GDP per capita has been flat because successive government policies have failed to address the problems due to lack of foresight and corrupt public officials.

“Corruption is a pervasive issue in Nigeria, and it discourages foreign investment and hinders economic development. I am referring to corruption in public office by government officials who have been involved in stealing public funds meant to benefit the people.

“What has Tinubu done to tackle that since his assumption of office and he is talking about ordinary citizens whose take home pay is not enough to help them meet a good standard of living.”

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