“Show people love when they are alive” – Yul Edochie admonishes Nigerians

Nollywood actress Yul Edochie has for the umpteenth time preached about love.

Taking to his Instagram page, he urged his fans and followers to tell people how much they love them and show it as much as they can while they’re alive.

He noted how once they die, whatever love you show to them afterwards is meaningless.

“Tell people you love them and show it as much as you can while they’re alive.
Once they due, whatever love you show to them afterwards is meaningless”.

Yul Edochie preaches on love

His statement didn’t sit well with some of his fans and followers, who admonished him to practice what he preaches.

One Lilia5744 wrote, “This is coming from the first man in history to drag a ghost

One Cynthia Pelly wrote, “Coming from a man that’s constantly trying a way to bring his ex-wife down with his concubine. Yul you know nothing about love, your heart is full of ev!l

One Mamakadi2 wrote, “This is coming from a bitter man like you

One Benedett Ebele wrote, “Did you show Junior Pope love when he was alive?

One Amaka Esther wrote, “Mr preacher, even in death, you never forgave JP for not offending you

One Abiodun Braglia wrote, “Always contradicting yourself and most confused man”.

This isn’t the first time, Yul has preached about love. In January, Yul preached on the essence of love on his verified page, urging everyone to spread love.

In July of 2023, Edochie posed an important question to the public as he preached on love. He pondered on why it is hard for people to reason well, as he questioned how many people have to die, before realizing that life is temporary.

He had also made a clarion call to his fans and followers on social media about the need to spread love across and beyond. He voiced out that there’s so much hate and envy in the world and there’s a need to kill it with love.

In other news, Yul slammed people who were so quick to criticise others while living in their own burning houses. He expressed that many people are unable to fix the problem in their houses; however, they are so quick to judge him. He warned such people on the importance of minding their business.

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