Brotherhood love: James Brown pays courtesy visit to Bobrisky in prison

All seems to be between the two powerhouses of cross dressers in Nigeria, as James Brown recently went on a courtesy visit to Bobrisky.

The popular cross dresser took to Instagram to document his visit to the self-acclaimed ‘Mummy of Lagos’. He explained in his caption that he wanted to see how Bobrisky was fairing.

James Brown visit’s Bobrisky in prison.

Although noble, James Browns’ visit to Bobrisky may raise a lot of brows because both crossdressers haven’t been known to see eye to eye.

James Brown and Bobrisky have had numerous online clashes over the years. Bobrisky has often accused James Brown of being ungrateful, claiming that he made him famous, and also gave him money to start up.

Both of them have exchanged heated words on social media, which led them to drift further apart.

James Browns’ visit to kirikir prison because of Bobrisky unsettled some netizens, and here are their reactions;

donchidoo wrote, “Dem suppose arrest you join am make he get gist partner”

bellokreb wrote, “You spell kirikiri the way you dey pronounce am”

youfoundperfection wrote, “Why you dress like man go?”

iamnasboi4 wrote, “Niceeee brothers for life”

saint_brian05 wrote, “Please tell me mummy of Lagos is hale and hearty”

boi_shugarr wrote, “How’s she? Hope he’s alright?”

shh_monda wrote, “Them suppose lock you since you waka come yourself”

iacinta_mark29 wrote, “Na why you use accent call Kiri Kiri Abi ???”

On the matter of Nigerian celebrities being in prison, social media activist Very Dark Man has also spent at least two weeks in a police cell.

Very Dark Man was arraigned to court on the basis of the accusations he laid against top police officers, claiming that they were gay, and that they sleep with Bobrisky.

His request for bail was denied upon application, and the case adjourned to a later date, to which up till now, he hasn’t been granted any, even after the case was adjourned.

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