“This was a flight of about N2million for Economy” – Uche Ogbodo calls out popular airline over her flight to China

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is the latest celebrity to call out one of the airlines in Nigeria over their lack of professionalism.

The mother of three, revealed that she book a flight straight to Guangzhou, China from Qatar Airways, but after 3 hours in Doha, she found herself in China’s Southern Sun flight with the most uncomfortable seat for almost 8 hours straight.

She questioned if this had ever happened to anyone before as she pondered at why her flight was changed in Doha. She further questioned if this was normal or she was just over reaching.

Noting how she paid N2million for the flight which was economy, she stated that the airline should have explained this to her as she saw cheaper airlines which she avoided because she chose comfort only for her to be discomforted and left in pain.

“Can someone pls help me @qatarairways. Why I booked a flight straight to Guangzhou, China then after 3 hours in Doha, I found myself in China’s Southern Sun flight with the most uncomfortable seat and most awkward position for almost 8 hours straight.

Has This Happened to anyone before? Why did @qatarairways Change Flights at Transit in DOHA , going to China?
Is this the normal thing or I’m just Upset for Nothing?
Is this even Right? Or I was just Robbed in Broad Day Light? . Mind you this was Flight of about 2M for economy .

@qatarairways You should have explained this ahead! I saw other Cheaper Airlines oooo but I decided to go with you because of Comfort! Only to be subjected to so much discomfort and pain!”.

Uche Ogbodo calls out Qatar Airways

A few months back, Nkechi Blessing had called out a Nigerian Airline for downgrading her on their flight.

The light-skinned actor narrated her terrible experience at the airport where she was not only downgraded but her afternoon flight was shifted to an evening flight, without an apology. To make it worse, rather than take off at the said time, her flight was delayed for over two hours.

Last year, Alex Unusual slammed a popular Airbus for reportedly toying with passengers’ lives, accusing the Airbus of taking off despite a technical issue that later made them turn back to Lagos after flying for almost an hour.

According to Alex, who accused the airline of joking with passengers’ lives, people almost fainted following the turbulence report and to top it up the landing was mentally stressful as it felt like the tires weren’t responding because they kept going up and down, turning round.
She went on to call on the airline to fix their issues.

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