N3on Responds to Accusations of “Snitching” on Squeeze Benz Following Recent Arrest

Controversial Kick streamer Ragnesh “N3on” has addressed accusations from the community that he “snitched” on notorious internet personality Squeeze Benz, following the latter’s recent arrest. On May 22, 2024, reports surfaced on social media indicating that Squeeze Benz, infamous for his reckless driving in New York, had been apprehended by the New York Police Department.

Kaz Daughtry, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, provided an update on X, confirming the arrest and emphasizing the consequences for such reckless behavior. He stated:

During a livestream on May 23, 2024, N3on responded to the allegations that he had informed on Squeeze Benz. Emphasizing his personal values and upbringing, the Indian-American streamer stated:

He asserted that snitching was against his principles and expressed frustration at the accusations from his audience:

N3on further emphasized his stance by offering to take a lie detector test:

N3on’s connection with Squeeze Benz traces back to their collaboration on April 29, 2024, when they streamed themselves recklessly driving around New York in a Lamborghini Urus. The duo was involved in a highway accident after overspeeding and dangerously overtaking numerous vehicles, resulting in accusations of committing a hit-and-run on the livestream.

A few days later, on May 2, 2024, N3on claimed to have met Squeeze Benz off-stream, during which he discovered his real identity. In a subsequent stream, Ragnesh joked about “leaking” the driver’s identity to his audience, which now, in light of the recent arrest, has fueled speculation and accusations of him being a “snitch.”

The controversy surrounding N3on and Squeeze Benz continues to unfold, with the former vehemently denying any involvement in the latter’s arrest. As the situation develops, the Twitch and Kick communities remain deeply engaged, eagerly awaiting any new revelations. This incident highlights the intense scrutiny faced by online personalities and the complexities of their interactions both on and off the screen.

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