Adept Leaks xQc Phone Call, Berates Him for Gifting Subs to Another Female Streamer

Twitch streamer Adept has leaked a private phone call with her ex-partner, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, in which she criticizes him for gifting subscriptions to another female streamer. This incident has further fueled the ongoing public fallout from their separation, captivating the Twitch community.

On May 22, Adept shared the audio during a broadcast, where she questioned xQc about his interactions with fellow streamer AikoBliss. AikoBliss has been associated with xQc for several months, and this particular call occurred after xQc and Adept had parted ways. Despite their separation, Adept expressed her displeasure over xQc’s actions, particularly his decision to gift AikoBliss one hundred subs and play a game of GTA RP with her.

In the leaked call, Adept can be heard saying, “I’m not laughing, Félix! I’m not laughing. I don’t find it funny because you promised me you wouldn’t do it.” xQc attempted to justify his actions, saying, “She’s just a roleplayer.” Adept retorted, “So you decided, after you told me you weren’t gonna do it.” xQc responded, “It wasn’t a date, it was just asking her to do sh*t for me.” Adept continued, “And then you donated her a hundred subs because doing all that wasn’t enough.”

Adept disclosed that the phone call took place in 2023, and she hasn’t spoken to xQc since January 2024. She mentioned that she wouldn’t have leaked the conversation if Aiko hadn’t mentioned her name, referencing Aiko’s comments in April 2024. Aiko had remarked, “I wouldn’t sue anybody. I didn’t sue my ex-husband, and I won’t sue anybody in the future, either. It would take a lot for me to actually want to do something like that.”

The relationship between xQc and Aiko has been a topic of speculation among viewers. Although Aiko claims they are just “friends,” some fans believe there might be more to their connection. This belief was reinforced when Aiko’s dog was allegedly seen in xQc’s streaming room during a previous broadcast.

As of now, xQc has not publicly responded to the leaked phone call. However, he has previously been open about his tumultuous relationship with Adept. In March 2024, xQc confirmed that he had “won” every court case against Adept, declaring that the drama between them was “all over.”

The Twitch community has been abuzz with reactions to the leaked call. Some viewers sympathize with Adept, understanding her frustration, while others criticize her for bringing personal issues into the public eye. The situation highlights the complexities of public relationships and the challenges of maintaining privacy amidst the scrutiny of millions of followers.

The leaked phone call between Adept and xQc adds another layer to their already complicated and public breakup. As both streamers continue to navigate their lives post-separation, the Twitch community remains deeply invested in their story, eagerly awaiting any further developments.

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