2027: Our Current Interest Is About Nigeria’s Survival Not Elections – Obi

The Labour Party’s 2023 Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, emphasized that every Nigerian, regardless of social or political standing, should focus on navigating the prevailing economic hardships rather than obsessing over the next electoral cycle.

While addressing his supporters at the Labour Party’s National Secretariat in Abuja, Mr Obi criticized the tendency of some politicians to shift focus to elections immediately after one ends, neglecting the more pressing issues of welfare and security of the citizens.

“Political parties have no purpose without the nation. Our primary concern should be the well-being of our people and the security of our nation,” Obi told a large gathering of party faithful.

Naija News reports that he stressed that Nigeria’s survival and prosperity must be the paramount concern because “Nigeria is the only country we have.”

This statement comes at a time when many Nigerians are grappling with significant economic challenges, including rising prices and unemployment, which have been exacerbated by global economic pressures and local policy decisions.

The event’s high turnout underscores the deep support for Mr Obi’s message of prioritizing governance over politics.

This stance has defined his political career and continues to attract a diverse following across the country.

As Nigeria navigates these challenging times, the voices advocating for a shift in political priorities are becoming louder.

Many citizens are calling for leaders who prioritize their welfare over political ambitions.

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