North Central APC Warns N’West Colleagues Against Passing Vote Of Confidence On Ganduje

The North Central All Progressive Congress (APC) Forum has issued a strong warning against the North West APC’s support for the party’s embattled National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Following a meeting in Jos, the forum highlighted numerous votes of no confidence already passed on Ganduje, including protests and litigations from his Kano ward and beyond, signalling a deep-rooted crisis within the party ranks.

Naija News reports that Alhaji Saleh Mandung Zazzaga, the forum chairman, during a press briefing, expressed concerns over the recent vote of confidence passed by the North West APC stakeholders in Kaduna, describing it as insensitive amid the ongoing party turbulence.

“The best course of action for Ganduje is to step down to prevent further harm or legal liabilities to the party,” Zazzaga stated.

Furthermore, Zazzaga clarified that, as per party arrangements, the national chairmanship position currently held by Ganduje rightfully belongs to the North Central region.

He pointed out that this position should have been filled by someone from Nassarawa State or the region, following the tenure of the former National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, who is also from Nassarawa/North Central.

The North Central APC Forum has been actively engaged in strategic actions to reclaim this leadership role and has expressed its determination to continue its efforts.

“We will not relent in our struggle until we achieve our aim,” Zazzaga affirmed.

Zazzaga appealed to the North West APC to reconsider their support for Ganduje, citing the need for regional balance within the party.

“The North West already holds significant positions such as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Deputy Senate President. It is only fair and equitable that the North Central region, which significantly contributed to the success of the APC in the recent elections, should hold the national chairmanship,” he explained.

During the last elections, the North Central region secured victories for the APC in five out of the six states within the region—Benue, Kogi, Niger, Nasarawa, and Kwara—underscoring their crucial role in the party’s overall performance.

Zazzaga also called on President Bola Tinubu to intervene and ensure that the rights and privileges of the North Central region are respected and restored.

He urged all stakeholders from North Central, regardless of their political or other affiliations, to unite in their efforts to remove Ganduje and have a rightful candidate from their region assume the chairmanship.

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