What is Ronnie Radke doing now? Jail, Wife, Net Worth, Daughter

• Ronald Joseph ‘Ronnie’ Radke is a singer, rapper and record producer, best known as the frontman of the metal band Falling in Reverse
• Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, he dropped out of high school and ran away from home to play in his first band, Lefty
• In 2004, Ronnie formed Escape the Fate, and their debut EP, “There’s No Sympathy for the Dead” was released later that year, and gained them a lot of popularity
• After serving a prison sentence in 2008, he formed Falling in Reverse, which achieved more success than Escape the Fate, and their 2019 single, “Popular Monster” became their first chart-topper
• With an estimated net worth of more than $4 million, Ronnie is 38 years old and has a daughter, Willow, from his past relationship with model Crissy Henderson

Ronnie Radke Wiki Bio

Ronald Joseph ‘Ronnie’ Radke is a singer, rapper and record producer, perhaps known best for being the frontman of the metal band Falling in Reverse. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. on 15 December 1983, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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Early life and family

Ronnie was the middle of three children – his older brother’s name is Anthony, while his younger brother is Matthew. They are of mixed ethnicity, having part Portuguese and Blackfoot Indian ancestry. Ronnie and his brothers had quite a troubled childhood, as their mother was a drug addict and was absent from the family, which caused Ronnie to lose respect for most women. He has since changed his views, after reconciling with his mother in 2014.

Ronnie started playing music in his teenage years, initially as a pianist and guitarist. He formed several bands while in high school, with his music was inspired by Blink 182. To play in his first band, Ronnie dropped out of high school and ran away from home to live with his friend and bandmate Mitch. They frequently played shows in local venues, until they disbanded in 1996.

Following the band’s break-up, Ronnie moved back with his dad and started school again, only to drop out after several months to start another band called Lefty. Although it was short-lived, Ronnie quickly moved on to form True Story, which saw him as the vocalist for the first time.

Music career

In True Story, Ronnie initially screamed, inspired by Thrice, but eventually moved to sing. With this shift in tone, most of the band members formed a new band called Escape the Fate in 2004, the band gaining popularity in the Las Vegas post-hardcore scene. After winning a radio contest hosted by My Chemical Romance, their popularity skyrocketed, and they signed with Epitaph Records. In the same year, Escape the Fate released their debut extended play (EP), “There’s No Sympathy for the Dead”.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, tensions between Ronnie and other band members grew. Between 2006 and 2008, he had multiple brush-ins with the law due to drug ownership, and eventually ended up on probation, which he violated in 2008, resulting in his incarceration. Following this incident, Ronnie was officially kicked out of Escape the Fate, and replaced by Craig Mabbitt.

Around that time, Craig started dating Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend, and was seen insulting Ronnie on stage on multiple occasions. Their feud spilled over to social media, on which Ronnie wrote obscene and insulting things about Craig in return.

While he was serving his prison sentence, Ronnie worked on some new music, which he described as a mix of metal and pop sounds. Upon release from prison in 2010, he formed Falling in Reverse with the help of Nason Schoeffler, and in 2011, the band released their debut album “The Drug in Me Is You”. Falling in Reverse exceeded the success of Escape the Fate, with all four of their albums reaching the top 40 on the US charts. Their 2019 single, “Popular Monster” became their first chart-topper, hitting the #1 spot on the Mainstream Rock Billboard chart.

Along with playing in Falling in Reverse, Ronnie has been working on his solo music as well. In 2013, he released his first solo song, “Fair-Weather Fans” through his YouTube channel. He also started dabbling in rap, and his first mixtape “Blacklist” saw the light of day in July 2013. His most recent solo project, “Watch Me” came out in late 2021, featuring other artists on almost every song.


However, oftentimes Ronnie’s success was overshadowed by controversies and legal issues. His first major run-in with the law happened in 2006, when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Michael Allen Cook, 18 years old at the time. He accompanied his friend, Chase Rader in a fight that resulted in Cook’s death. Neither Rader and Ronnie were prosecuted in the end, as it was determined that they acted in self-defense.

Six years later, Ronnie was faced with domestic violence charges by his then-girlfriend, Sally Watts. Since he failed to appear at any of the scheduled court hearings, he was subsequently arrested, and was further charged with a misdemeanor.

After he was released on bail, Ronnie committed another assault, by throwing microphone stands at the audience which ended up injuring two audience members, one of whom had to be taken to hospital; Ronnie was released again, on $25,000 bail. He publicly apologized for his actions, saying that he had no intentions of hurting anyone. Six Flags ended up banning all metal and hard rock bands from performing at their venue.

In 2015, he was faced with sexual assault allegations. The court determined that he did indeed come into contact with the woman in question, but they couldn’t find any evidence of a sexual assault. Ronnie followed up by filing a defamation lawsuit, which he won.

As well as these legal issues, Ronnie has also had multiple feuds with other musicians over the years. As mentioned, the first was with Craig Mabitt, who replaced him in Escape the Fate. They stayed on bad terms for years, until their bands headlined the “Bury the Hatchet” tour together in 2014.

Two years prior, Falling in Reverse headlined a solo tour, with the electronic band I See Stars as their opening acts. However, before the tour even started, all members of I See Stars were arrested for marijuana possession. This enraged Ronnie, who wanted to take them off the tour altogether. He initially decided to do that, and make the tour free, since I See Stars were previously advertised as performers. He changed his mind later, and the band got to perform on the tour after all, but this time they were told to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which was supposed to hide the fact that they weren’t being paid for their performances. As the animosity grew behind the scenes, I See Stars left the tour, to the disappointment of fans who heckled Ronnie during his acts. At the peak of this feud, Ronnie wrote the infamous diss track “I Wash Cars”.

In 2020, rapper Playboy Carti released a line of merchandise inspired by heavy metal. One of the designs from the collection clearly had the words “Falling in Reverse” written on it, which made Ronny address the rapper with a ‘cease and desist’ statement on social media. The matter was eventually settled in court, and the band received an undisclosed lump sum from Playboy Carti.

Love life and relationships

Since 2018, Ronnie has been in a relationship with the former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Saraya Bevis aka Paige. The two aren’t shy about showing their relationship to the public, frequently posting photos featuring each other on their social media profiles. Although a lot of people seem to think that they’re married or engaged, neither is the case yet.

Ronnie and Paige spend a lot of time with his daughter, Willow, who was born from his past relationship with the model Crissy Henderson. They were even engaged at one point, but broke up in 2013, due to Ronnie’s infidelity.

Net worth, age, height

Ronnie is 38 years old. He has long black hair and black eyes, is 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, and weighs around 185lbs (85kgs).

According to online sources, as of late-2022, the singer and producer has accumulated a net worth of more than $4 million.

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