Kid Rock’ Controversial Interview: Racial Slurs, Gun Waving, and Trump Support

Kid Rock, the controversial country rapper, has sparked outrage once again after a chaotic and incendiary interview detailed in a recent Rolling Stone article. Writer David Peisner recounted the tumultuous encounter that took place in Nashville last month, where Kid Rock wielded a handgun, used racial slurs, and provoked a physical altercation.

Peisner’s piece, published on Sunday, delves into the erratic behavior displayed by Kid Rock during their conversation, which covered a wide range of topics including immigration, Donald Trump, and the musician’s staunchly right-wing persona. As the interview progressed and Kid Rock’s intoxication grew, the atmosphere became increasingly volatile. At one point, the musician brandished a black handgun, waving it in Peisner’s face in a brazen display of bravado. “And I got a f goddamn gun right here if I need it!” Kid Rock reportedly shouted. “I got them everywhere!”

Throughout the interview, Kid Rock, who is known to be close friends with Donald Trump Jr., repeatedly used the N-word, particularly while making a dubious claim that Republicans were responsible for freeing the slaves. The tension escalated further when Kid Rock allegedly blocked Peisner from leaving the studio multiple times, even challenging him to a fight. “Do you think you could whup the sh** out of me?” he allegedly asked, to which Peisner replied, “Probably not.” has reached out to Kid Rock’s representatives for comment but has yet to receive a response.

The article traces Kid Rock’s journey from his privileged upbringing in Detroit’s suburbs, living in a luxurious home with his conservative father, to his rise as a rapper and libertarian figure. Over the years, he has vocally opposed GOP positions on issues like gay marriage and abortion, but has since fully embraced right-wing politics.

During the interview, Kid Rock donned a ‘This Bud’s For You’ hat, referencing a controversial video he posted last year where he shot up a case of Bud Light, apparently in protest against the brand’s support of trans social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Although he claims to have moved on from boycotting Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, he has now set his sights on Planet Fitness, criticizing the gym chain for its inclusive policies towards transgender individuals.

Conservative social media users have recently called for a boycott of Planet Fitness following a 2023 incident in which a man allegedly exposed himself to a 15-year-old girl in a women’s locker room. Kid Rock’s interview also saw him defending his unwavering support for Donald Trump, whom he attempted to call during the conversation. Despite referring to Trump as his “bestie,” the former president did not answer, sending Kid Rock to voicemail. “You think I like Trump because he’s a nice guy?” Kid Rock exclaimed. “I’m not electing the deacon of a church. That motherf** likes to win. He likes to cheat in his f


*** golf game. I want that guy on my team. I want the guy who goes, ‘I’m going to fight with you.’”

Peisner also accompanied Kid Rock to one of the dates on his “Rock’s Rock the Country” tour, where the singer railed against “open borders, high taxes,” and declared, “Joe Biden can kiss my motherf Anglo-Saxon ass.” In another rant, Kid Rock echoed Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric on immigration, labeling some immigrants as “murderers” and “rapists,” specifically targeting the MS-13 gang.

As the interview concluded and Peisner prepared to leave, Kid Rock made a provocative request. “Would you do me a favor? Just write the most horrific article about me. Do it. It helps me,” he said, before adding, “Will you tell everyone that I was halfway cool?”

This interview marks another chapter in the controversial and tumultuous public life of Kid Rock, raising serious questions about his behavior and the influence he wields in the public sphere.

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