Adin Ross Under Fire: Viral Clip Shows Use of Homophobic Slur in Livestream Argument

Kick streamer Adin Ross is once again at the center of controversy. Recently, he appeared on fellow streamer Louis “LosPollosTV’s” Kick stream, where he joined other creators, including Tyler “Trainwreckstv,” for an online poker game. The game took a dramatic turn when an argument broke out involving Trainwreckstv, leading to a heated outburst from Adin Ross.

During the altercation, Adin Ross unleashed a tirade filled with shocking and offensive language. Though it remains unclear who exactly he was addressing, Ross made several disturbing comments, instructing the individual to “kill” themselves and using homophobic slurs. In a particularly jarring moment, he exclaimed:
“Kill yourself, f*g.”

This is not the first time Adin Ross has faced backlash for his statements. Known for his controversial rants, he has frequently targeted the queer community with homophobic slurs. His latest outburst during LosPollosTV’s stream was no exception. Addressing Trainwreckstv, Ross said:
“Yo Train (Trainwreckstv), this guy is a faot bro. I’m sorry, but he is. Yo bro, shut up. You follow Hasan (HasanAbi). Shut up. You are a grown a

Ross’s rant continued unabated:
“Kill yourself. Kill yourself, f*g. Kill yourself. Kill yourself. Please die. Nobody will care…Train, I love you and Los (LosPollosTV), I love you. Guys, he’s a grown man, wearing a pink beanie.”

The host of the stream, LosPollosTV, was visibly shocked and attempted to intervene:
“Bro! Adin, what the f**k is this? Oh my god, dude!”

The exact trigger for Adin Ross’s intense reaction remains unknown. However, given the context, it is possible that the argument involved a disagreement over gambling content.

Adin Ross has a history of making contentious remarks about the LGBTQ+ community. In April 2024, he engaged in a heated debate with Felix “xQc” over the impact of the queer community on children, where Ross took a conservative stance. This incident further strained his relationship with other streamers.

In a subsequent stream, members of the SSB group associated with Ross, such as Cameron “Cuffem” and Shnaggyhose, used homophobic slurs during an argument with xQc, prompting Felix to leave the call in frustration.

Adin Ross’s repeated use of offensive language and targeting of the queer community has sparked widespread condemnation. As the clip from the recent stream continues to circulate, the backlash against Ross intensifies, with many calling for accountability and change in his behavior.

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