Pandora Kaaki Opens Up About Her Measurements And Boyfriends

Mar-Anne Almosa, known online as Pandora Kaaki and Pandy Coco, is a 25-year-old Filipino social media personality, best known for her Instagram account, @pandorakaaki, on which she has accrued over 12 million followers.

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Early life

Pandora was born on 28 July 1998 in the Philippines, to a Filipina mother, while her father is Lebanese – she has yet to visit Lebanon. She grew up in the southern part of the Philippines, and thus her native languages are Bisaya and Tagalog. Pandora was raised as a Christian, and prays often but doesn’t attend church.

Early education

In her “JOLLIBEE MUKBANG + Q & A with PANDORA KAAKI” YouTube video, Pandora stated that she wanted to study architecture at college after she matriculated from high school, however, the lack of funds, an emergency related to her mother, and the abundance of modeling offers steered her away. Although Pandora didn’t elaborate on the emergency, she informed her followers in 2018 that she’d seen her mother in person after 10 years apart.


Pandora started her online career on Instagram in August 2017. Unfortunately, she erased all her posts before late April 2018, the first that fit her current feed. Pandora became prominent by posting amateur modeling shots in bikinis, lingerie, see-through dresses, and revealing clothing. She also posted photos and videos from luxurious destinations, including the Maldives and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, as well as local ones, such as a zoo theme park in Loboc, Bohol, Philippines.

Pandora demonstrated marketing knowledge early on by posting witty or alluring captions that encouraged her followers to respond or compliment her body. Because that content continuously brought her engagement, Pandora has only slightly tweaked through her career, primarily by collaborating with Instagram models Ines Trocchia, Maeurn Smiles, Olyria Roy, and CyberkittyXO.


Pandora infrequently opened up about her life via Instagram, such as telling her fans that she believes in manifestation, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Moreover, she admitted that she enjoys 1990s music, and will likely never see the movies in the “Star Wars” franchise. Because the last statement provoked a reaction, Pandora created a cosplay of the Princess Leia character from the franchise in 2022.


Pandora started her YouTube channel, @Pandorakaaki, in October 2019, partially because she wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday. She initially wanted to film prank and challenge videos, but quickly found her niche in posting vlogs from her trips, as she felt it would allow her Instagram followers to get to know her better. Shortly afterwards, prompted by brands such as Fashion Nova, Cupshe, and Evalamor reaching out, she started try-on haul videos in which she reviewed bikinis, lingerie, nightwear and dresses.

By 2021, Pandora had started filming vlogs about a day in her life including the food she ate, the latter of which she did by emulating the style of eating from Korean television shows known as mukbang. Furthermore, she focused on showing things on her bucket list, including camping, swimming with elephants, and bathing in hot springs, mountain lakes, and rivers.


Pandora’s first trip was to Bangkok, Thailand, which sparked her love of traveling, as she visited Phuket and Phi Phi Island. Some of her earliest trips were to places in the Philippines, including Siargao Island, Claveria in the Cagayan province, and the Agusan Del Norte municipality. She also presented notable sights in her country to her viewers, such as the Tagnote Waterfalls, Bao Bao Waterfalls, Manlangit Nature Park, and Tayangban Cave.

Typhoon Rai, dubbed Super Typhoon Odette in the Philippines, hit her home country in December 2021, affecting about 10 million people. That showed Pandora’s kind heart as she immediately returned home from her travels, visited the most damaged areas, and donated necessities to people. In doing so, she attracted attention to the tragedy, and helped local and international organizations gather donations for disaster relief.

Pandora spent 2023 on trips to Santorini in Greece, Vienna in Austria, Ibiza in Spain, and Hong Kong Disneyland. That helped her channel reach a million subscribers in early November 2023, and Pandora announced the creation of her secondary YouTube channel, @Pandycocogirl, dedicated to documenting her travels, clarifying that she would focus on cooking and clothing try-ons on the main one.

Creating exclusive content

Pandora created her OnlyFans account, @pandorakaaki, in late 2022. She’s posted over 300 times, and uploaded over 830 pieces of media, mainly pictures in which she poses seductively nude or in skimpy clothing. Moreover, Pandora posted dozens of videos in which she teased her subscribers, or filmed herself masturbating.

Contrary to what many creators do on the platform, Pandora made subscribing free, and didn’t hire a management company, making herself easily accessible and assuring her fans that she responded to all messages and requests. As is common among creators on the platform, Pandora has used her Twitter accounts, @melonandcake and @Pandorasvip, exclusively to promote her lewd content.

Launching her website

In 2022, Pandora published her official website, pandorakaaki.com, to compensate for not having a premium OnlyFans account. She treats any subscriber as a Very Important Person (VIP). Specifically, subscribers receive exclusive content, are given priority during message replies, and can request custom content. Her website’s users would also gain access to her private Instagram account, @pandorasvip. She noted that the primary reason for that is that chatting with her fans is a turn-on for her.

Pandora stated in her “Answering your QUESTIONS” YouTube video that she was reluctant to start filming adult content but that her fans requested it daily, and she wanted to make them happy. Moreover, she watches pornography and has noted that it has benefitted her imagination and confidence.


Pandora has shared her love of video games and animated Japanese series, known as anime, several times and promised to begin live streaming gaming-related content once her Twitch account, @pandorakaaki, reaches 10,000 followers; her following was around 6,200 in early March 2024.


In the YouTube video, “WHO KNOWS ME BETTER ? Bestfriend vs Bestfriend!,” she said that she was only sexually attracted to men. However, she stated that many, including her best friends, rightly assume that she is bisexual or lesbian because she talks about the female body and almost solely follows female social media personalities on her accounts. Pandora explained that she likes the female silhouette and draws motivation from seeing healthy women with striking curves.


In her “Question and Answer with Pandora Kaaki” YouTube video from October 2019, she implied that she was single but had a romantic partner as a teenager. Pandora maintains her single status on her OnlyFans account and personal website, stating that she is ‘accepting boyfriend applications in direct messages (DMs) and looking for a cuddle buddy.’

However, Pandora revealed on her TikTok account, @pandycocogirl, that she’s in a relationship with an unidentified young guy and even has a son, most likely born in 2021.

Dating preferences

Pandora is attracted to gentlemen who know how to make girls feel special and reach out, as she thinks initiating things is a man’s responsibility. Pandora also stated that her celebrity crush is actor Keanu Reeves, that she doesn’t have a set age for marriage, and that she prefers to have sexual intercourse with a person she loves rather than out of lust. Pandora would take a hypothetical boyfriend on a first date to the rooftop bar called Kartel in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Interesting facts, favorite things

  • She can’t live without two foods: durian, a fruit native to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, and kinilaw, a raw seafood dish served in vinegar.
  • Pandora likes cats but prefers dogs by a wide margin.
  • She prefers spicy- over sweet-tasting foods.
  • She once had sexual intercourse during a floodcaused by a typhoon.
  • Pandora’s favorite beach is on Siargao Island.
  • Her favorite Disney movie is “Tangled” which she’s watched over 30 times since 2010.
  • Her go-to bar for nights out with friends in Metro Manila, Philippines, is called Pura Vida.
  • Pandora occasionally struggles with depression.

Physical characteristics

Pandora has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, which she has dyed black and blonde. She is 4ft 11ins (1.5m) tall, weighs about 117lbs (53kgs), and has a voluptuous physique. Pandora hasn’t revealed her vital statistics but stated that her bra size ranges from 14D to 38D, depending on the model.

Surgical operations

Pandora claims that she hasn’t had any surgical operations on her body. However, she wouldn’t be opposed to eventually getting a liposuction on her chin and a buccal fat removal operation. Interestingly, if Pandora had to choose between reducing the size of her breasts and her buttocks, she would pick the former.

Tattoos and jewelry

Pandora has three tattoos – the first consists of Arabic words on her right side, along the ribs. The second is between her shoulder blades but rarely visible, as her hair usually covers it. Pandora’s third tattoo consists of three Japanese characters on her right ankle. Pandora also started wearing a nose piercing in 2023.


Pandora revealed that weightlifting in the gym and bodyweight exercises at home are responsible for her curvy physique. In her YouTube video “GYM WORK OUT ROUTINE,” she explained that she stretches before and after every workout, runs on the treadmill for cardio, and usually wears a waist trainer. Her favorite exercises are dumbbell squats, forward leans with cables that engage her core muscles, leg extensions, and leg presses. Pandora does yoga if a gym is inaccessible during her travels.

Beauty routine

Pandora uses several types of beauty products and makeup brands, viewing them as necessary for her work, stating that olive oil is the cornerstone of her self-care routine, keeping her skin hydrated and smooth.

Net worth

Pandora has an estimated net worth of $10 million. She has over 220,000 followers on her private Instagram account in early 2024, and not all subscribers pay the minimum price of approximately $5, or follow her there. She has apparently made at least $1 million over several recent months. Additionally, according to the Social Blade analytics for her YouTube channel, Pandora makes up to $8,000 monthly. The website also estimates that she has made about $100,000 from March 2023 to March 2024, and possibly over $250,000 since the first video. Lastly, Pandora has also promoted Canon USA, Pepsi, and Color Super brands via Instagram.

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