Naked Truth About Olivia Casta: Age, Measurements, Net Worth

Prominent Spanish social media celebrity and model Olivia Casta, rose to digital fame through her active presence on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and OnlyFans. Her striking physical features have often been deemed close to perfection, sparking speculation that she might be a generative artificial intelligence model. These rumors gained momentum when images and videos from her OnlyFans account were leaked, fueling additional rumours about her authenticity, and giving rise to theories suggesting she may not be a real person, or has undergone plastic surgery.

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Early Years and Family

Olivia Cláudia Motta Casta, born on 15 August 1997, in Spain, eventually relocated to San Francisco, California, USA. Despite her public persona, Olivia remains enigmatic about her upbringing and family, adept at guarding her privacy on these personal matters. As a result, there are limited details available regarding her early life and family background.


Details about Olivia’s educational background are scant, with only speculation circulating in the public domain.

Career – Rise in Social Media

Renowned for her exceptional beauty and captivating physique, Olivia made a name for herself as a lingerie model in the world of social media. Her online presence began to take shape in 2021, and her posts across various platforms quickly gained significant traction. Today, she stands as one of the fastest-rising stars in the digital landscape.

Instagram Explosion

Olivia’s debut on Instagram dates back to August 2021, when she posted a captivating photo of her face without an accompanying caption. The post garnered several thousand likes, serving as the catalyst for her continued engagement. Over time, she transitioned to sharing photos in fashionable and alluring attire, significantly amplifying her online presence. By the close of 2021, each of her posts was attracting over 100,000 likes, with a notable increase in engagement when she showcased more revealing outfits, particularly emphasizing her ample chest. As of February 2024, Olivia has treated her over three million followers to a collection of more than 200 photos, each contributing to her ever-expanding digital influence.

X Updates (formerly Twitter)

In contrast to her Instagram page in which Olivia rarely engaged with her fans, Twitter became her primary platform for self-expression. This social media channel served as her sounding board, allowing her to voice complaints and occasionally respond to her followers, although she later opted to permanently disable the reply button. Addressing the decision, she mentioned, ‘Thanks for the nice words! But due to the amount of porn spam, I’m reintroducing the restriction on the ability to send a reply.’

Moreover, Olivia actively used Twitter to call out individuals creating fake accounts in her name across various platforms. Accompanying her posts with photos of these fraudulent accounts, she warned her fans against engaging or following such profiles. However, her activity on Twitter experienced a halt by September 2023, resulting in her follower count plateauing at over 700,000, falling short of reaching the million-follower milestone.

Official and Fake Facebook Pages

Initially hesitant to create a Facebook account, Olivia discovered multiple fake pages falsely representing her. On 6 November 2022, she opened an official account, sharing a selfie she claimed hadn’t been posted on her other social media platforms. Treating Facebook as her modeling showcase, Olivia frequently posted photos wearing the same clothes, from different angles, effectively marketing the showcased attire.

Expressing discontent with Facebook’s management, Olivia lamented the platform’s handling of numerous complaints regarding fake pages in her name. She criticized the lack of action, stating on X: ‘It’s just a shame. Dozens of pages impersonate me, but Facebook does nothing, no matter how many complaints I file. Support cannot be contacted.’ She went on to highlight the platform’s indifference to scammers, suggesting that the management prioritized traffic generation over correcting these issues.

In an effort to protect her fans, Olivia pinned a post on her Facebook wall listing down the fake pages along with their URLs, emphasizing, ‘In fact, there are even more fake pages; I just collected the most dangerous and impudent! Please be careful with it!’ Olivia acknowledged the support from most fans, but cautioned against some requesting money in her name. Currently, her official Facebook page following stands at close to 50,000.

PARA for Super Fans

Embracing social media as her career, Olivia has introduced PARA, an app designed for Super Fans to contribute monetary support to their favorite social media influencers. According to the PARA page, it’s a cutting-edge AI-powered fan donation and engagement tool, aimed at boosting earnings like never before.

During her birthday in August 2022, Olivia shared a wish list on X, inviting her Super Fans to choose items from her PARA page. Each gift corresponds to a monetary value that would help her accumulate money to fund her birthday trip to New Zealand. The list includes various options, allowing fans to ask Olivia questions, each accompanied by a specific item and its price.

Moved out of OnlyFans

In an effort to enhance her social media earnings, Olivia initially ventured into OnlyFans, describing her page as a ‘Light Eroticism Zone.’ Playfully asserting, ‘I’m not a sex worker! For now… (just a joke),’ she curated content comprising nearly 250 images and a couple of videos, characterized by fans as comparatively milder than other OnlyFans pages. Her content amassed approximately 250,000 likes.

However, in June 2022, Olivia shared on X that she encountered issues with OnlyFans and grew weary of its operational aspects. Expressing disappointment over the lack of responsiveness from the platform’s support team, she transitioned to another site to avoid unnecessary stress. Grateful for competitors offering improved working conditions, Olivia updated her OnlyFans followers through her official website, announcing her move to the new platform.

Fansly Page – Her New Home

The content creator promptly announced the relocation of her erotic media, unveiling her official page on Fansly.com. This platform operates in a manner akin to OnlyFans, sharing a familiar structure and design. Since the transition, Olivia has been consistently active, significantly augmenting her content library, which now boasts close to 3,000 images and over 130 videos. Impressively, her Fansly page has garnered a substantial following of almost 140,000 enthusiasts. The exclusive nature of her content has resonated well with fans, evident in the remarkable achievement of over a million likes. This notable engagement has undeniably played a pivotal role in the continued expansion of her financial portfolio.

Rumored to be AI-generated or Augmented Model

In the circle of rising social media influencers, it’s customary to leverage newfound popularity through guest appearances on podcasts tailored to social media enthusiasts, or engaging in collaborations to amplify engagement and expand one’s following. However, Olivia charted a different course, abstaining from these conventional strategies, which piqued curiosity among her audience, and sparked online speculation.

No One Has Heard Her Voice

Initially, some fans speculated that Olivia’s reluctance to share her voice might stem from a desire to maintain an air of mystery, believing it could enhance her allure. However, as time passed, enthusiasts grew increasingly puzzled by the absence of any audio content, deeming it highly unusual in the contemporary digital landscape. Despite her candid expression of opinions on her X account, the curiosity surrounding her voice persists.

Virtual Model

Online communities such as Reddit and Quora buzz with discussions regarding Olivia’s authenticity as a human being. Some assert that she’s an AI-generated model crafted by a tech company known as iKa. They delve into detailed analyses of her photos, scrutinizing facial symmetry and body structure, and most of them believe that her lack of voice or podcast appearances corroborates her non-human origins.

An Augmented Model

Another prevailing speculation suggests that Olivia might be a real individual named Maria Tretjakova, employing a face app teen filter to portray herself as a younger lady. A blogger even conducted a comparison between photos of Olivia and Maria, noting identical clothing, hairstyle, and backgrounds, with the only discernible difference being Maria’s digitally altered youthful appearance. Notably, the resemblance extends to their ears, a detail that couldn’t be changed by digital filters. Despite widespread theories and compelling evidence, neither confirmation nor denial has emerged from Olivia, leaving the speculations to linger unanswered.

Leaked Nude Photos and Videos

Several sources have reported instances of explicit images and videos being leaked to the public, purportedly originating from Olivia Casta’s OnlyFans page. Speculation arose that these incidents might have been the trigger for her departure from the platform, opting to move to one of its competitors.

Interesting Facts

Despite maintaining a low profile in interviews, observant netizens have gleaned intriguing details about Olivia through her posts, tweets, bio profiles, and captions across various digital platforms. Here are some notable aspects

Culinary Preferences

Olivia adheres to a vegan lifestyle, evident in her birthday wish list featuring items such as Van Leeuwen vegan strawberry ice cream and a bag filled with an assortment of vegan snacks.

Lingerie Affiliation

Victoria’s Secret is Olivia’s favored lingerie brand, and she exhibits a penchant for hues such as violet, pink, and red.

Aromatherapy Enthusiast

Scented candles find a place in Olivia’s heart, with Source d’Harmonie being among her preferred choices.

Sporting Passion

A tennis enthusiast, Olivia opts for the Rolland Garros Blade 98 (18X20) V8 Tennis Racket when engaging in her favorite sport.

Fashion and Accessories

Besides being a fan of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) bags, Olivia also favors handbags from the French brand Jacquemus. Dangling earrings are her accessory of choice to accentuate her face.


Olivia’s love for travel is evident, and she seizes every opportunity to explore different places. Notably, her trip to Thailand left a lasting impression, with Instagram featuring memorable snapshots from her journey.

These fascinating snippets offer a glimpse into Olivia’s lifestyle, showcasing her diverse interests and personal preferences.

Personal Life

Unlike other social media celebrities who often drop hints about their dating history on their Instagram accounts, Olivia has chosen to keep her personal life private. All her posts exclusively feature herself, with no mentions or appearances of any other men or women on her social media platforms.


Olivia Casta, although never seen in person, is purportedly around 5ft 8ins (173cms) tall, weighs about 121lbs (55kgs), with an hourglass figure and vital statistics of 35-25-34, captivating numerous admirers. Complementing her overall look, Olivia sports dark brown hair and enchanting hazel-colored eyes.

Net Worth

The exact wealth of Olivia Casta remains shrouded in speculation, as she maintains a level of privacy about her financial details. However, estimates derived from her social media presence suggest a net worth close to $2 million. The surge in her financial standing can be largely attributed to the popularity of her Fansly page, underscoring the significant impact of her digital ventures on her overall wealth.

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