Mix reactions as Bishop Oyedepo’s son Isaac makes confession on his struggles with pornography

Isaac Oyedepo, the son of the Founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has opened up on hia struggle with pornography.

The clergyman, while speaking during a recent podcast confessed that he once battles with pornography. He stated that he vividly remembers how it started as he traveled to a country and was meant to be in the room alone, when he switched on the TV and his porn struggle began. Luckily for him, God brought him out of it quickly.

He noted how a lot of people still struggle with it and wished he had met someone to help him with his struggles earlier on. He further noted how people feel there are things one shouldn’t talk about, but today, there are some pastors and church members still struggling.

According to Isaac, one can be anointed, seeing signs and wonders but it doesn’t mean they are standing right.

“My confessions are good ones that will help people. I struggled with p%rnøgr@phy before.

I remembered how it started, we travelled to one country and I was meant to be in the room alone, I switched on the TV and that’s it.

But God brought me out of it very quickly. A lot of people still struggle with it and I think of somebody who had struggled with it and had walked up to me and told me how to come out, I would have come out quickly.

I think people feel there are things we shouldn’t talk about, but today there are some pastors and church members still struggling with it.

You may be anointed, seeing signs and wonders but it does not mean you are standing right.

There is this old saying that if it’s working it means you are standing right but I found out that it’s not always the case. There are times I found out I wasn’t right, but grace and mercy found me.

For the sake of someone who is genuine in the congregation, God can bypass you to meet the person; this is my confession.”

His statement has left many divided as some claimed the clergyman is still watching it, while others applauding him for his courage to speak up.

One B Happydae4you wrote, “He still dey game on a low

One Tuyefa Hh wrote, “Omo Pastor!! Pastor’s son!!

One Cochavafarms wrote, “Bros nothing you wan tell me, you still watch pornography

One Shakar wrote, “Na for people wey dey worship pastors. Omo all of us na the same oh. Dey play!! Nobody is perfect

One Darlex Obi wrote, “Pastor’s son is also human being enough with your criticism

One Deeva Secrets wrote, “They are humans and can struggle with anything

One Love Always Ify wrote, “I love that he was able to speak out on his struggles. Commendable

One Lil Unique wrote, “This guy is too real! One real man if his u have ever come across. God bless you

Isaac isn’t the only one with pornography struggle. Sometime back, popular singer, Bankole Wellington better known as Banky W had opened up on his porn addiction.

He revealed that he once struggled with promiscuity and pornography, which made him spiritually far from God. He felt he had made a little money hence his addiction to it, but unfortunately, he was still unhappy.

Singer, Crayon also opened up on his porn addiction, revealing that he was addicted to porn and even had a favorite porn star, Victoria Cakes. However, he was grateful he had repented and had stopped living a worldly lifestyle.

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