Divine multiplication: Pastor Paul Enenche reveals how tithing miraculously boosted their rice supply

In a recent development, Pastor Paul Enenche, the founding pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Church, has shared a surprising detail about his tithing journey with his wife.

In the story he shared, he revealed that way before him and his wife became pastors, they had been core believers of tithing.

He revealed that at first he used to earn 30 Naira then, and he would always give God 3 Naira out of that 30 Naira.

However, he revealed that there was a moment when him and his wife did not have funds to give tithes again, and they resorted to pledging with the bag of rice which they had at home.

He detailed how his wife would give one-tenth of the rice to God. However, he noticed something very shocking. After numerous times of his wife giving one-tenth of that rice to God, they noticed that the bag of rice which they had at home was not diminishing, and in fact kept replenishing.

He revealed that his wife had been so surprised that she had ended up giving the bag of rice out. His story hammered on the importance of tithing as a Christian.

A lot of netizens took to the comment section of this video to express their varying opinion on his story. While some agreed with his commentary on tithing, others countered him as they shared their own personal story.

Let us also recall that Kemi Filani had reported back in April of 2024 that Pastor Paul Enenche had publicly mocked a woman after she testified in his church. While sharing her testimony in the church, Pastor Paul had immediately interrupted her and expressed that her testimony was a lie.

However, after further investigation, it was revealed that the woman had in fact not been lying. This action from Pastor Paul garnered a lot of negative reactions from netizens.

Kemi Filani had also reported that Pastor Paul had issued an apology to the woman and in a viral video the duo had been spotted smiling together.

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