Singer Frankie Jay reveals why its better to marry an educated woman

In a new development, singer Frankie Jay has revealed why it’s important for a man to marry an educated woman.

He revealed that it was better for them to marry an educated woman because when things happen, it’s best to hear your woman telling you words like “it’s not fair” than to hear your woman say things like “e no go better for your family”.

He hinted at the fact that men will pick a woman who talks in an educated manner over a woman who talks in an uneducated.

Now, also recall that back in 2023, Speedy Darlington had reported that he was turned off by educated and wealthy partners and he would always prefer a village girl to a rich and educated woman.

He pointed out that why a lot of women might seek out educated and wealthy men, For men, they had different priorities. A few weeks back, he had also listed out the qualities he wanted in a wife.

He revealed that he was ready to settle down. However, the long list of wifey expectations that a girl would meet left netizens completely dazed.

Back in 2023, Frankie Jay candidly confesses to an unending crush on the charismatic celebrity host, Toke Makinwa. However, he did accept the fact it was indeed an unrequited crush.

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