“You and your generation will regret it if you japa for greater pasture” – Pastor Femi Emmanuel warns Nigerians (Video)

The presiding Pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, has warned Nigerians planning to relocate ‘japa’ abroad for greener pastures.

The clergyman made this known during one of his services, as he noted how he had spoken too much on Japa, hence why he wouldn’t stress about it.

He admonished anyone considering relocating for greener pasture to drop the idea because it would lead to future regret. However, he clarified that anyone planning to relocate for academic purposes, training, conferences, business trade, or an instruction from God can do so.

The clergyman warned that relocating only to eat or because of the situation in the country would live to regret as the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

“I have spoken too much on Japa; I am not going to speak about it again. But to let you know, if anybody had japa or wants to japa so that you can make it so that you can feed so that you can stop suffering, and so that you can make money. If that’s why you want to japa, you have made a fundamental mistake of your life, which you and your generation will regret forever. Your generation that you took into slavery will regret it forever. Now, if you relocate for education, good; if you japa for training, to acquire skills, so that you can come back and do it better, good. If you japa for conferences trade for business, because God said your purpose for living is there or is connected to Canada, the UK, or the US, that’s the reason you’re travelling good. But if it is to eat or Nigeria is tough to make money, that’s why you’re relocating; it pains me for you because the grass is not greener on the other side”.

Early this year, the former Governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi, had given reasons why he would not encourage the emigration of Nigerians popularly referred to as Japa.

He said ‘japa’ could only get someone a 9 to 5 job and maintained that staying back in Nigeria could get one into a political office. He advised young people in the country to push their way through to get into a place of decision-making, especially regarding the economy of Nigeria.

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