“I achieved certain things in life because of you” – Teebillz showers accolades on P.Diddy amidst his domestic abuse controversy

Billionaire record label owner and businessman P.Diddy is currently involved in one of the biggest controversies of the year, and it’s in relation to him allegedly physically abusing his ex-girlfriend Cassie for years.

While the Western media is currently in chaos over the news, with people removing themselves from the situation and supporting Cassie, over here in Nigeria, we have Teebillz showing support for P.Diddy with his full chest.

Teebillz rains accolades on P.Diddy.

In a recent post made by Teebillz, he wrote;

“I grew up wanted to be you and I achieved certain things in life bcos of you! I’m grateful for everything I learned from you! I’m teaching my kids not to idolize no one but God.

I pray for the mental & emotional wellbeing of your children and may God forgive your soul. The best thing I learned from you is being a father regardless…”

Teebillz praised P.Diddy from the angle of being a good parent to his kids and being his mentor. He stated that P.Diddy was the reason why he taught his kids not to idolize anyone.

While the message about P.Diddy being an exemplary father to his kids, and a mentor too, the timing of the message might not sit well with a lot of people because of timing.

Teebillz’s support for P.Diddy might seem controversial, but this isn’t his first rodeo with posts that has raised eyebrows.

Not too long ago, he called out Davido’s former Lawyer Prince for allegedly being the one ruining Davido’s relationship with his first daughter Imade.

Prior to that, he had called out Davido for being a bully to Tiwa Savag*. He didn’t miss out on calling him a dead beat dad, insinuating that he wasn’t taking care of Imade.

While Teebillz has never gotten a response from Davido, the silence hasn’t stopped him from speaking his mind.

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