Tinubu To Inaugurate FCT Projects Within Nine Days – Wike

President Bola Tinubu has approved May 27 to June 6 as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) week for the inauguration of various projects executed under his administration.

The Minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike, stated this on Friday while inspecting some of the projects in preparation for the inauguration to celebrate Tinubu’s one year in office.

Wike disclosed that Tinubu will inaugurate commercial operations of the Abuja Light Rail, also known as Abuja Metro Line, adding that the Vice President’s residence would be completed and may be inaugurated on June 6.

He explained that the nine-day inauguration activities would demonstrate to the world the Tinubu-led administration’s determination to renew Nigerians’ hope.

He said: “By the approval of Mr President, we believe that from May 27, we shall begin the inauguration of various projects and will end on June 6.

“Particularly on May 27, President Tinubu will inaugurate commercial operations of the Abuja Light Rail, also known as Abuja Metro Line, and we will carry out the final inspection of the project on May 20.

“From what we have seen, I think we are good to go.

“We have a lot of projects being executed that will be inaugurated. So many projects that I cannot begin to list them.

“We are happy; the contractors are meeting up, and all the promises made have been fulfilled.

“We have also fulfilled our own part by making sure that we make the needed cash available, and none of the contractors is complaining in terms of cash.”

The minister added that other projects like the construction of bus terminals and the FCT Court of Appeal Division and other projects would be inaugurated within the period.

On the non-functionality of some of the streetlights in parts of the city, Wike explained that some of the streetlights were being worked on, while others were being tested.

The FCT minister assured the residents that the streetlights would come on once the contractors finished working on them,

He said: “As I speak to you, most of the streetlights are being worked on, and with the project we are executing, you don’t expect the light to be on.

“The contractors are test-running them, so most of the ones that are not working are those that are being worked on.

“We believe that before the inauguration, you will see that most of the streetlights will be on.”

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